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Get Fresh With Moody Blues By Rok Chix

If the current blast of early springtime is putting you in the mood for a fresher – but not too fresh – look (it is still officially winter, after all), one way to achieve it is to get the blues; that is, to accessorise with cool blue jewels by Rok Chix.

Think blue quartz, amazonite, blue tourmaline and even blue diamonds – these are the denser, moodier blues of early spring, as opposed to the lighter, brighter blue gems such as aquamarine and topaz, which are altogether more summery.

Rok  Chix Silver and Blue Quartz Cocktail Ring    Rok Chix Silver and Amazonite Teardrop Earrings   Rok Chix Silver and Natural Blue Diamond Bangle

Our Silver and Blue Quartz Cocktail Ring, £60, is the perfect moody blue shade, its chunky faceted blue quartz gemstone being more teal blue than aqua blue (by the way did you know that the word teal used to describe a colour originates from a duck?).

The dramatic, deep blue/green gemstone sits on a skinny flat sterling silver band, and thanks to the simple, modern design that does away with any fussy settings, the focus is firmly on the gem and the gem alone.

The magnificent raw blue diamonds in our Silver and Natural Blue Diamond Bangle, £125, are also an intense blue teal colour, with the shade complemented by the diamond’s simple 9ct gold bezel setting. Blue diamonds are relatively rare, and we like to use them in their natural state – that is, uncut and as nature intended. (Rok Chix only uses diamonds from sources that are guaranteed conflict-free.)

Amazonite is another moody blue gem that’s also blue-green in colour, but a much lighter shade than teal. And in our Silver and Amazonite Teardrop Earrings, £40, we’ve combined twinkly faceted amazonite gems with a scattering of blue quartz gems to provide a subtle colour contrast. High on glamour but by no means overdone, these little beauties match the tone of the season perfectly.

Rok Chix Silver Stellar Ring    Rok Chix Silver Stellar Earrings   Rok Chix Happy Thoughts Dogtag Necklace

Meanwhile our Silver Stellar Ring, £40, and Silver Stellar Earrings, £40, in turquoise inject colour in a more subtle way and are ideal for everyday wear. Their sterling silver domes feature a starburst texture with just a hint of embedded colour (also available in gold and violet).

And if you’re trying desperately to stay positive while the end of the long winter plays out, the cool blue gemstone in our Happy Thoughts Dogtag Necklace , £45, will remind you that, while it may well still be winter outside, in your heart it really can be spring. Stamped with the words ‘think happy thoughts’, the sterling silver dogtag is accompanied by a rough-cut blue tourmaline (blue tourmaline, in case you were wondering, is thought to dispel sadness and negativity).

Spell It Out This Valentine’s Day With Rok Chix Love Tokens

Rok Chix Silver Soul Mate Necklace

If you love someone, let them know exactly how you feel this Valentine’s Day. You could, of course, try spelling out I LOVE YOU in chocolates or – if you were feeling particularly creative – in rosebuds.

Alternatively you could give your loved one a permanent reminder of your undying love by presenting them with a Rok Chix jewellery love token designed especially for that purpose.

For those lucky enough to have found their true loves, the Rok Chix Silver Soul Mate Necklace, £55, is the perfect love token. This romantic handmade necklace features a sterling silver tag that spells the words ‘Soul Mate’ in dreamy swirly type, along with two little twinkly faceted sapphire gems – one pink and one blue – all hanging from a 50cm sterling silver chain.

Or you could choose from the Rok Chix range of sterling silver and gemstone charm necklaces and skinny bangles that spell out little secret messages of love on oval-shaped sterling silver tags along with a variety of combinations of gems:

The Silver 4EVER Charm Bangle, £45, and Silver 4EVER Charm Necklace, £40, feature an off-white freshwater pearl and coin-shaped tourmalinated quartz gem; while the Silver I<3U (I love you) Charm Bangle, £45, and Silver I<3U Charm Necklace, £40, include a baby-pink faceted rose quartz gem and teardrop-shaped off-white freshwater pearl.

Designed for hopeless romantics everywhere, the Silver LY4E (love you forever) Charm Bangle, £45, and Silver LY4E Charm Necklace, £40, include a silvery-grey faceted labradorite gem and a cream freshwater pearl. And finally the Silver XOXO (hugs and kisses) Charm Bangle, £45 and Silver XOXO Charm Necklace, £40, feature a blue-black peacock pearl and a faceted clear quartz gemstone.

Whichever you choose, you can’t fail to get your message across.

Style up your LBD with Rok Chix cocktail jewels

The festive season is the time of year when that party staple – the little black dress – works its little old heart out. But to really make the look your own you need clever accessories, and this season fabulous cocktail jewellery is a must-have.

Rok Chix limited-edition handmade silver and gemstone jewellery is the perfect fit for LBDs  – but don’t just take our word for it. is the highly popular website devoted to that most iconic garment in fashion, featuring LBDs by everyone from ASOS to Alexander McQueen. This month, however, marks the launch of’s LBD Boutique, and Rok Chix is proud to be among its very first hand-picked collection of independent fashion and accessory brands.

So now, many of the dazzlers you can see on are now also available in the LBD Boutique.

One effortless way to up the glamour ante is, of course, to add a sprinkling of chunky gemstone cocktail rings, such as the Rok Chix Faceted Black Agate and Silver Cocktail Ring, £60, a deliciously chunky midnight black agate gem perched on a sterling silver band; or our Silver and Gemstone Rock Star Ring, £85, featuring an oval faceted gemstone in electric dark grey labradorite, vibrant turquoise or luminous moonstone.
Faceted Black Agate and Silver Cocktail Ring              Silver and Gemstone Rock Star Ring
Showstopping earrings are also essential for styling up an LBD, such as our Bejewelled Double-Hoop Silver Earrings, £45, with their monochrome mix of sparkly grey labradorite and milky moonstone gems (match with the Rok Chix Bejewelled Silver and Labradorite Bracelet, £85 for extra shimmer factor); or opt for our delicious Silver and Ruby Earrings, £60 – mini-chandelier creations featuring twinkling pinky red rubies that are the colour of ripe raspberries.
Bejewelled Double-Hoop Silver Earrings  Bejewelled Silver and Labradorite Bracelet  Silver and Ruby Earrings
And as every fashion follower knows, glossy pearls are perfect for wearing with an LBD – especially when you’re keeping your look classic – including the Rok Chix Pearl and Silver Heart Charm Bracelet, £50, featuring black peacock freshwater pearls and a chunky solid silver heart charm.

Pearl and Silver Heart Charm Bracelet

(All items above are also available via the Rok Chix LBD Boutique)

Sparkle this winter with Rok Chix

Winter has been a long time coming this year, with many parts of the country having enjoyed unseasonably mild weather in recent weeks. But have no doubt, the big chill will arrive sooner or later.

While most people won’t be looking forward to freezing temperatures and limited hours of daylight, you’ve got to admit that winter is one hell of a stylish season. When else can you wear chunky knits, oversized coats, knee-high boots, faux fur hats and look like you’ve just stepped off the set of Dr Zhivago?

Then there are the jewels. Winter-inspired jewellery simply cries out for shimmering, luminous off-white pearls and ultra-ice-cool gemstones.

Here at Rok Chix we embrace the chilly season with our Silver Snowflake and Pearl Earrings, £45, and Silver Snowflake and Pearl Necklace, £45 – a set that features adorable handmade silver snowflake charms mixed with clusters of luminous off-white Keishi freshwater pearls.

Our best-selling Large Pearl and Silver Earrings, £25, make an altogether more classic style statement, featuring plump, juicy off-white  freshwater pearls that hang from simple, long silver wire drops.

Silver Snowflake and Pearl Earrings Silver Snowflake and Pearl Necklace Large Pearl and Silver Earrings

More delicious large freshwater pearls also feature in our Silver Winter Star and Pearls Necklace, £75, this time in off-white, cream and peach, and combined with a handmade eight-point silver star pendant with hand-painted white enamel highlights.

Our Clear Quartz Crystal Nugget and Silver Ring, £80, meanwhile, combines a chunky silver band topped with a large, faceted quartz crystal nugget that’s so clear, it almost looks as if it would melt. And since each quartz nugget we use is unique, no two of these rings are ever the same.

Finally our Silver and Gemstone Rock Star Ring, £85, featuring a shimmering, off-white faceted moonstone is another cool customer and perfect for adding a touch of frost-inspired drama to any winter look.

Silver Winter Star and Pearls Necklace  Clear Quartz Crystal Nugget and Silver Ring Silver and Gemstone Rock Star Ring

Rock chick jewellery for rock’n’roll brides

silverpearlsbarbs_rokchix.jpgCheck out my first blog on wedding service website, entitled Rock chick jewellery for rock’n’roll brides… Featuring a to-die-for collar from Mr rock’n’roll jewellery himself, Stephen Webster, a super funky skull and white pearl necklace from Stephen Einhorn, a delicious heart and bone necklace from Violet Darkling and – of course – a few pieces from the Rok Chix collection too, such as the divine Silver Pearls and Barbs Necklace pictured above, which features creamy off-white irregular shaped freshwater pearls, natural herkimer diamonds and hand-beaten silver barbs (£85).

For brides who are looking for something that little bit different…

It’s Hallowe’en: slap on the silver

Given the current obsession with all things supernatural, it looks like we’re in for a bumper Hallowe’en this year. That’s right. Spooks are in. Big time. And especially those of the bitey kind (I’m talking vampires and werewolves, if you hadn’t already guessed).

Thinking about the toothsome creatures that it seems we simply cannot get enough of (look at the TV schedules if you don’t believe me), my mind wandered onto the subject of silver. Have you ever wondered why the very mention of the metal itself puts the fright up those who are loud of howl and sharp of fang?

Well, werewolves anyway. Silver bullets are – as anybody knows – one of the best ways to see off a werewolf. And vampires too (though this does tend to depend on the author – or perhaps I should say scriptwriter). But why?

Apparently it has something to do with the moon. There is an association between the moon goddess, Artemis or Selene in Greek mythology, and silver because she carried a silver bow. In Celtic mythology, the moon goddess is called Arianrhod (Arian means silver in Welsh – or more generally these days, money). Perhaps the link has more to do with the colour of the moon, who knows?

And which mythological monster has close links with the moon too? The werewolf. At least you don’t want to be around someone who’s a werewolf when the moon is full. So the moon goddess made silver poisonous to the werewolves to help protect anyone who crossed their paths at full moon. And that’s a very good reason for wearing silver – if you do meet a werewolf, they won’t be able to touch you.

The moon link doesn’t quite work for vampires. But everyone knows that wearing a silver cross around your neck will protect you against a vampire’s bite. Why? Well there are some suggestions that silver is associated with the Virgin Mary, and that if you wear silver she will protect you against blood-suckers (no, you won’t find it in the Bible, duh).

It does, of course, depend on which book/film/TV programme you’re watching. In some, vampires are merely weakened by silver – in True Blood, for instance. Meanwhile in other variations of the story – the Blade series of movies, for instance – silver is lethal for vamps.

So if you don’t want to be bitten by either creature, slap on the silver tonight. Double up on a silver cross, such as our super-chunky Amethyst and Chunky Silver Cross Necklace, £145, or Silver Cross on Long Haematite necklace, £95 (hematite is believed to have a strong protective energy, so the effect is a double whammy).

dare006.jpeg         dare009.jpeg

Protect yourself from any supernatural creature nibbling on your neck (unless you want them to, of course) with our Solid Silver Star Stud Earrings, £35. Or, if you want to actively encourage ghostly goings-on, a pair of our Silver Skull Stud Earrings, £25, could just do the trick.

sparkle007.jpeg         wild009.jpeg

Happy Hallowe’en!

Rok Chix ruby raspberries are good enough to eat

At Rok Chix we like to bring you designs that are a little bit different or quirky, even. So we hope you’ll like one of our newest creations: our raspberries.

Well, to be precise, our Silver and Natural Ruby Raspberry Ring, £75, and Silver and Natural Ruby Raspberry Earrings, £75. These seriously funky little baubles are a visual delight. We use beautiful little dark red ruby crystals set in ball shapes, so yes, they really do look like raspberries – raspberries set in sterling silver, that is.

sparkle004m.jpeg  sparkle005.jpeg  wild010.jpeg

The rubies are all natural and uncut, so no two rings or pairs of earrings will be exactly the same. What’s not to like?

The ring is a single ball of raspberry crystals that sits in a silver half cup on top of a classic, 2mm-wide silver band. The ball is around 10mm in diameter, which is big enough to get noticed (but not too big to be clumsy). The earrings are two ruby balls set in two silver half cups that hang from simple silver drop wires.

They’re perfect for when you get a hankering for fresh raspberries in winter. There again we certainly don’t recommend that you eat them. But they will make your mouth water.

If you’re looking for something more discreet, on the other hand, why not treat yourself to a pair of our Silver and Uncut Ruby Studs, £40? Again we have used natural, uncut rubies (we think they are much prettier than the cut type), which also means each pair is different from the next.

For more delicious jewels, take a tour around the collections at

Roughing it with Rok Chix diamonds

There’s no getting away from the fact that cut diamonds are exquisite – we’d be the first to admit it. But there’s something about natural, uncut diamonds – diamonds in the rough, you might say – that’s so special. Before they are cut into the various shapes that you see in jewellery shops – princess, marquise, baguette, trillion and so on – each diamond is unique and just as nature intended. And we like ’em like that.

At Rok Chix we are more than a little fond of natural, uncut gemstones – it’s one of our biggest passions – and diamonds are no exception. And that’s why many of our new autumn/winter 2011 designs feature raw diamondsmilky white diamonds, rare blue diamonds, black diamonds and even pink diamonds. And guess what? They’re a lot more affordable than you might think, especially as we set them mostly in silver.

pure013m.jpeg wild005.jpeg wild012.jpeg 

Diamonds have, of course, been prized for many centuries. As the hardest mineral we know of in the universe, it’s no wonder diamonds are used in engagement rings to symbolise purity and eternal love. Many years ago they were worn by kings going into battle to protect them and make them fearless. Diamonds have also been used to ward off evil spirits. But one of the most fascinating facts we’ve come across where diamonds are concerned is that jewellery-makers only started cutting them into the shapes we know today in the 13th or 14th century, because before that it was thought that cutting a raw diamond would destroy its magical powers.

That’s not why we use raw diamonds – but it’s a nice story, isn’t it?

Check out the new natural sparklers at today. Rok Chix only uses diamonds from sources that are guaranteed conflict-free.

Queen of Diamonds

Elizabeth Taylor, Hollywood icon

(Amanda Freeman, Flickr)

Hollywood glamour – old-school, that is – suffered a huge loss earlier this year when legendary screen siren Elizabeth Taylor died. But there is some comfort in the fact that her jewels, which themselves are legendary, are to be not just auctioned off but displayed to the public by the auction house Christie’s. In case you don’t realise, Liz’s collection includes some of the most expensive jewels known to mankind – she even wrote a book about her passion, entitled Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry.

One of the gems that won’t be on display is the famous Taylor-Burton diamond, a 69.42-carat pear-shaped diamond bought for Liz by her then husband, Richard Burton. You won’t be able to see it because it was sold after the couple’s divorce (she said she was going to use some of the cash to fund the building of a hospital in Botswana). It was bought by a New York jeweller who sold it almost immediately to its present owner, who subsequently had it re-cut (it now apparently weighs 68.09 carats – which is still mighty impressive if you’re into size where diamonds are concerned).

When Burton bought the diamond from a Cartier big-wig in 1969, part of the deal was that the diamond could first be displayed in the Cartier store in New York. Legend has it that 6,000 people queued up every day to catch a glimpse of it. It was a celebrity in its own right, you could say.

Whether or not some of Liz’s other famous jewels will make the Christie’s auction I’m not sure, as I don’t know if they are still in her collection. But if they are, they’re well worth a look. There’s the 33.19-carat Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond – seen in some of Liz’s films – and the La Peregrina Pearl. And there’s also the Taj-Mahal diamond, a heart-shaped diamond set with rubies and diamonds in a heavy gold snake-chain-like necklace. It’s got to be one of my favourites. Originally belonging to Emperor Shah Jehan, this flat-shaped diamond features a 17th century Persian inscription (translated, it says ‘For my beloved Mahal’). Emperor Shah Jehan was head of the Mughal Empire in the Indian subcontinent in the 17th century and is famous for building the other Taj Mahal – the building, this time, in Agra. The Mahal from the inscription is the Emperor’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died in childbirth and for whom the Taj Mahal (the building, not the diamond) was built.

Burton bought the Taj-Mahal diamond for Liz in 1972 to mark her 40th birthday.

The collection – rumoured to be worth around $145 million – will go under the hammer to raise funds for Liz’s charity, The Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation. Christie’s is said to be organising a series of events and exhibitions featuring highlights from the collection starting next month (September 2011) that will tour Moscow, London, Los Angeles, Dubai, Geneva, Paris and Hong Kong, culminating in four days of auctions at Christie’s New York.

If you can catch the exhibition, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see such amazing jewels in one place – before they become separated forever.

See you at Christie’s!

Turquoise: the great protector

According to a report on, jewellery that guards against the ‘evil eye’ – known as apotropaic jewellery – was very much in evidence among the fashionistas at the recent Paris Haute Couture shows. Apparently talismans and amulets are all the rage among the style-conscious – think hamsa hand and blue ‘evil’ eye charms, strung on gold chains and leather thong bracelets, and you’ll get the idea.

The idea that jewellery can guard against negative energy is nothing new – we’ve been using jewellery to do that for thousands of years (at a rough guess, don’t quote me!).  Charms are a popular means of protection, of course, but so are some gemstones, most notably turquoise. Many ancient cultures are said to have used turquoise for protection, in the form of a talisman or amulet. If you were given something made from turquoise, it was supposed to protect you from negative energy. Oh, and apparently it brings good fortune too – along with a long list of other benefits, depending on which crystal healing guide you refer to.

Turquoise and Silver Cocktail RingNow I’m not sure if all that sort of talk of evil eyes and protection amulets is your cup of tea, but you’ve got to admit, if nothing else turquoise is a stunning gemstone, especially when worn during the warm days of summer – our turquoise pieces are definitely among our most popular, in terms of sales. Like our Turquoise and Silver Cocktail Ring (£55), for instance. I can’t guarantee it will protect you against negativity, but if you like chunky, vibrant rings, it won’t disappoint on the visual front.