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Spooky Gems For Halloween by Rok Chix


Slap on the silver, it’s almost time for one of the nation’s favourite festivals – Halloween. And this year Rok Chix has the perfect silver accessory for any Halloween look, especially if your taste runs to beautiful bats, stylish skulls or sleek snakes.


Rok Chix Silver Bat and Charcoal Pearl Necklace   Rok Chix Silver Bat and Charcoal Pearl Bracelet


Our Silver Bat and Charcoal Pearl Necklace, £55, with accompanying Silver Bat and Charcoal Pearl Bracelet, £45, are among the most recent additions to the Rok Chix collections, featuring delicate, handmade sterling silver bats set in the centre of strings of little charcoal grey freshwater pearls.


Rok Chix Silver Skull Stud Earrings   Rok Chix Silver and Black Diamond Skull Necklace  Rok Chix Silver and Black Diamond Skull Bangle


Meanwhile our skull jewellery is already a must-have for any aspiring gothic fashionista, including the simple but ever-so-slightly scary Silver Skull Stud Earrings, £25, as well as the Silver and Black Diamond Skull Necklace, £95, and Silver and Black Diamond Skull Bangle, £95, both of which feature unearthly charcoal grey raw diamonds for eyes.


Rok Chix Silver and Diamond Glitter Snake Earrings


Our Silver and Diamond Glitter Snake Earrings, £95, are also highly appropriate spook-fest gems, featuring snake heads encrusted with real little raw diamond crystals.


If, however, you’re wondering why silver is associated with vampires, werewolves and all other manner of scary Halloween creatures, the answer may lie with the moon. Apparently there is an association between the moon goddess Artemis (or Selene in Greek mythology) and silver because she carried a silver bow. Indeed, in Celtic mythology, the moon goddess is called Arianrhod (Arian means silver in Welsh – or more generally these days, money).


Some legends say that the moon goddess made silver poisonous to the werewolves to help protect anyone who crossed their paths at full moon.

As for vampires, most people who grew up with constant episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – or perhaps, more recently, the Twilight franchise – knows that wearing a silver cross around your neck will protect you against a vampire’s bite. Some speculate that’s because silver is associated with the Virgin Mary, and if you wear silver she will protect you against blood-suckers.


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Gaze into our new crystal balls


Shamans and clairvoyants use them for seeing into the future – or, to use the more exact term, for scrying – while magicians often include them as part of their stage props.


But here at Rok Chix, our new crystal ball jewellery is for decorative purposes only (though if you do want to use them to try your hand at crystallomancy – or crystal gazing ­– be our guest).


 Rok Chix Silver and Gemstone Crystal Ball Rings


These unique new handmade pieces include necklaces, earrings, bangles and rings, all featuring colourful crushed raw gemstones locked inside ‘crystal’ balls made from clear resin, which sit inside sleek sterling silver domes.


Our Silver and Gemstone Crystal Ball Necklaces, £50, feature deep purple amethyst, dark teal apatite, pale pink rose quartz or vibrant blue-green turquoise gems, all crushed by our own fair hands, set in resin and hung from a medium-length sterling silver chain.


Our Silver and Gemstone Crystal Ball Earrings, £50, which feature shiny crystal balls hanging from simple sterling silver ear hooks, are also available in amethyst, apatite, rose quartz and turquoise. And our classic skinny Silver and Gemstone Crystal Ball Bangles, £55 come with amethyst, apatite, rose quartz and turquoise crystal ball charms.


Meanwhile, for those who like to wear their gemstone baubles on their fingers, our Silver and Gemstone Crystal Ball Rings, £50, are available in no fewer than nine different gemstones, including amethyst, apatite, light blue-green aquamarine, rich orange carnelian, deep red garnet, velvety black haematite, bright green peridot, rose quartz and turquoise. In other words, whatever colour you’re wearing, we have the crystal ball ring to complement it.



Rok Chix Silver and Gemstone Crystal Ball Necklace     Rok Chix Silver and Gemstone Crystal Ball Earrings   Rok Chix Silver and Gemstone Crystal Ball Bangles


We can’t promise they will help boost your psychic potential, but our ‘crystal’ balls are bursting with natural gemstone beauty.

Shimmering Jewels In Shades Of Grey By Rok Chix


Until a certain novel topped best-seller lists around the world, the colour grey was generally perceived as boring, sad and distinctly lacklustre. But here at Rok Chix, maker of silver, precious and semi-precious handmade jewellery, grey is – and has always been – anything but boring.


One of our favourite gemstones is labradorite, a fascinating stone that appears in several colours, but mostly in various shades of grey; from light, silvery grey to dark, brooding charcoal. Named after the place where it was first discovered – St Paul Island in Labrador, Canada – labradorite displays shimmering iridescence-like optical effects called labradoresence.


It’s said that the Eskimos believed the Northern Lights were once trapped in rocks in Labrador, and while a warrior freed the lights by striking the rocks with his spear, some remained within the stone – and that’s how labradorite was bestowed with its magical optical effects.


Our Rok Chix Silver and Gemstone Rock Star Ring in Labradorite, £85, features a deep, dark grey faceted labradorite cabochon, with flashes of neon green and electric blue. This chunky silver ring is also available with a moonstone or turquoise gem.


 Rok Chix Silver and Gemstone Rock Star RingRok Chix Silver and Labradorite Princess RingRok Chix Bejewelled Silver and Labradorite Bracelet


Somewhat more demure is our Rok Chix Silver and Labradorite Princess Ring, £45, which is available via our Rok Chix Etsy shop and This simple, pretty ring is ultra feminine, and features a silvery grey faceted labradorite gem topped with a silver nugget.


   Rok Chix Bejewelled Double-Hoop Silver Earrings  Rok Chix Charcoal Pearls and Silver Barbs Necklace


Elsewhere, our Rok Chix Bejewelled Silver and Labradorite Bracelet, £85, features heaps of sparkly little faceted labradorite beads that are full of electric flashes, so the bracelet shimmers as it catches the light. The same twinkly labradorite beads are used in our Rok Chix Bejewelled Double-Hoop Silver Earrings, £45. One hoop features hand-wrapped labradorite beads, while the other sparkles with shimmering faceted moonstone beads to represent the combination of light and shade.


 But it’s not all about labradorite. One of our best-selling pieces is our Rok Chix Charcoal Pearl and Silver Barbs Necklace, £45 – a unique freshwater pearl necklace that has more than a bit of an edge. Featuring spiky, irregular charcoal freshwater pearls interspersed with hand-beaten silver barbs, we think EL James herself might approve.

Channel your inner rock star with Rok Chix


One of fashion’s most perennial trends is the rock chick look – and this season is no exception, thanks to the likes of On The Road actress Kristen Stewart, who is so obviously more at home in jeans and a biker jacket than a red carpet gown. And in the world of jewellery, rock chick styles worked in sleek silver and sparkling gemstones, are more fashionista must-haves than five-minute flashes in the pan.


In other words, rock chick jewellery is here to stay. And as you might expect, there are more than just a few pieces in the Rok Chix collection that exhibit a rock’n’roll attitude.


Rok Chix Silver Skull Stud Earrings  Rok Chix Silver and Black Diamond Skull Bangle  Rok Chix Silver and Black Diamond Skull Necklace


First there are skulls, such as those in our tiny Silver Skull Stud Earrings, £25 – a nod to rock chick style for those who don’t want to be too obvious – as well as our Silver and Black Diamond Skull Bangle, £95, and Silver and Black Diamond Skull Necklace, £95, both of which feature genuine raw grey/black diamonds for eyes. (Rok Chix only uses diamonds from sources that are guaranteed conflict-free.)


 Rok Chix Silver and Diamond Glitter Star Earrings  Rok Chix Solid Silver Star Stud Earrings  Rok Chix Silver Guitar Stud Earrings


Meanwhile no rock chick look is complete without a star or two, such as our Silver and Diamond Glitter Star Earrings, £95, which feature masses of glitter-like raw diamond crystals, and our Solid Silver Star Stud Earrings, £35. Or if you really want to display your rock chick credentials for all to see, our Silver Guitar Stud Earrings, £35, will leave no one in any doubt.


Silver and Gemstone Rock Star Ring

To complete the look, there’s our Silver and Gemstone Rock Star Ring, £85 – a chunky ring with faceted gemstone (choose from shimmering moonstone, moody labradorite or vibrant turquoise – or better still, wear all three).


Glitter for grown-ups: introducing the new Rok Chix diamond glitter collection


Most people may associate it with the 70s, but glitter has been given a sophisticated 21st-century twist with the new Rok Chix jewellery collection, which features sleek sterling silver pieces sprinkled with masses of tiny genuine diamond crystals and other precious gemstones.


Our unique Glitter collection includes rings, earrings and necklaces that are a must-have for everything from glamorous getaways to cool festivals – or any occasion when you need to sparkle.


Rok Chix Silver and Diamond Glitter Star Earrings   Rok Chix Silver and Diamond Glitter Star NecklaceRok Chix Silver and Diamond Glitter Star Ring


The raw diamond crystals twinkle like mad when they catch the light, like stars in the night sky or miniature disco balls. These tiny natural diamonds may not be in the Taylor-Burton league, but what they lack in size they certainly make up for in terms of sheer dazzle appeal.


And because they aren’t huge, perfect, cut rocks, they are more affordable too – so if you thought diamonds were out of your price range, think again.


Our favourite Glitter pieces are the Silver and Diamond Glitter Star Ring, £85: Silver and Diamond Glitter Star Earrings, £95; and Silver and Diamond Glitter Star Necklace, £85.


Perfect for disco divas and night owls, they feature handmade sterling silver stars that are softly rounded and lined with velvety matt black resin, which is then sprinkled with masses of diamond glitter. The resin sets off the twinkling gems perfectly – the effect is pure black magic.


Rok Chix Silver and Diamond Glitter Heart Ring Rok Chix Silver and Diamond Glitter Heart Necklace  Rok Chix Tutti Frutti Silver and Sapphires Ring


For girlie-girls and seriously hopeless romantics, there’s our Silver and Diamond Glitter Heart Ring, £85, which features a heart-shaped dome lined with matt ruby-pink resin and topped with diamond glitter; plus the equally sparkly matching Silver and Diamond Glitter Heart Necklace, £95.


If, however, you prefer a more colourful approach, our Tutti Frutti Silver and Sapphires Ring, £75 – also from the new Glitter collection – is a confetti-like concoction featuring genuine natural sapphire crystals from the Songea mines in Tanzania. A real statement piece, our Tutti Frutti Silver and Sapphires Ring is truly unique – and since no two sprinklings of gemstones will ever be the same, each ring we make is a one-off.


And there are more shimming diamond glitter designs to discover – check them out at


Rok Chix only uses diamonds from sources that are guaranteed conflict-free.

Contemporary pearls for the wedding season by Rok Chix

Grace Kelly famously wore them, and now that wedding season is just around the corner so will many brides, bridesmaids and wedding guests. We’re talking about pearls, of course.

Pearls have been associated with weddings for many years and are often worn as jewellery by brides or sewn into bridal gowns. White pearls in particular are a symbol of purity and innocence. The pearl is also the birthstone for those born in the month of June – which is traditionally the busiest wedding month of the year.

The fact that the lustre of pearls is incredibly flattering for the complexion also means they are an obvious choice for the big day. Or indeed for any occasion when you want your skin to glow.

But if those old-fashioned pearls your great-grandmother wore has put you off, think again. At Rok Chix our natural, freshwater pearl pieces are designed very much with the 21st century woman in mind.

                        Large Pearl and Silver Earrings Rok Chix Silver and White Pearl Hoop Earrings

No bride should be without a pair of classic pearl earrings, and our Large Pearl and Silver Earrings, £25 – which feature plump, creamy freshwater pearls hung on long, handmade sterling silver wires – represent simplicity itself.

By contrast, our Silver and White Pearl Hoop Earrings, £40, are a delicate  concoction featuring lots of little white freshwater pearls wrapped onto handmade sterling silver hoops.

                        Silver Snowflake and Pearl Necklace  Silver Snowflake and Pearl Earrings

And you don’t have to wait until winter to wear our Silver Snowflake and Pearl Necklace and matching Silver Snowflake and Pearl Earrings, both £45, which feature handmade silver snowflake charms and clusters of creamy Keishi freshwater pearls.

                        Rok Chix Freshwater Pearl and Silver Ring Rok Chix Charcoal Pearls and Silver Barbs Necklace

For those not getting married, there’s also our Freshwater Pearl and Silver Ring, £40, which is a gloriously unfussy combination of an off-white, near-round freshwater pearl set on a 3mm sterling silver band.

But if, on the other hand you like to rebel against convention, black and dark grey pearls contrast and complement most skin tones. Those who like their pearls on the edgy side will love our Charcoal Pearl and Silver Barbs Necklace, £45, which features spiky, irregular charcoal freshwater peals interspersed with hand-beaten silver barbs.

Facts for pearl fans
• Pearls are made by molluscs in response to an invading foreign body – often a grain of sand. This foreign body is covered with layer upon layer of pearlescent nacre, which is secreted by the living part of the mollusc, resulting in a pearl up to several years later.

• Pearls are composed of calcium carbonate, conchiolin and water, plus trace elements such as iron, magnesium or aluminium.

• Experts have found fossil traces of pearls that are up to 225 million years old, while actual pearls have been found in rocks that date back to the age of the dinosaurs.

• South Sea pearls – which are found in gold-lipped pearl oysters – tend to be the most valuable, with some exceptional single pearls sold for many thousands of pounds. At Rok Chix, however, we use natural freshwater pearls, which are found in many species of mussels in rivers, lakes and ponds (whereas South Sea and other saltwater – or marine – pearls found in seas and oceans.

• Most freshwater pearls are now produced in China and are far more affordable than marine pearls.

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Ocean-inspired gems by Rok Chix

If the recent warm spell has left you thinking about your summer wardrobe, you’re probably already thinking about how to do poolside glamour this year. As for accessories – and particularly jewellery – summer 2012 is all about the seaside.

But forget kiss-me-quick hats and visible tan lines, we’re talking sea life in all its natural glory, as evidenced by both Chanel and Versace, who added a sprinkling of sea urchins, shells and seaweed-style purses at their SS12 catwalk shows.

At Rok Chix, the ocean is a constant source of inspiration, and this year we have sea treasures to delight beach babes everywhere.

Rok Chix Silver Seahorse Necklace   Rok Chix Silver Starfish and Coral Bracelet Rok Chix Silver Starfish and Coral Necklace

Our Silver Seahorse Necklace, £55, is perfect for wearing all summer long, with its solid silver seahorse charm and vibrant peachy-pink faceted coral nugget. Well, who doesn’t love a seahorse?

Starfish are also marine creatures we adore, which is why we have cast them in silver in our Silver Starfish and Coral Necklace, £45, and Silver Starfish and Coral Bracelet, £40. Combining a silver starfish charm with bright, juicy coral nugget beads, both the necklace and bracelet conjure up thoughts of warm, golden beaches and shimmering, underwater landscapes. (And did we mention they look amazing with a tan?)

Rok Chix Chunky Silver and White Cocktail Ring   Rok Chix Silver Shell Stud Earrings

Coral is a fascinating organic material and comes in a variety of colours, including white – as in our Chunky Silver and White Cocktail Ring, £60. A summer classic, this serious cocktail ring makes a real statement.

Meanwhile no ocean-inspired collection would be complete without silver seashells, as in our Silver Shell Stud Earrings, £29 (exclusive to – pretty shell-shaped studs that will definitely get you in the mood for your summer holidays, whether you’re planning long weekends at the coast or heading off to tropical climes.

Rok Chix Silver Seashell and Gems Charms Bangle Rok Chix Silver Seashell and Gems Charms Necklace

And no beach would be complete without sea snail-type shells, such as those in our Silver Seashell and Gems Charms Bangle, £45, and Silver Seashell and Gems Charms Necklace, £40. Both feature a handmade silver seashell charm alongside a coral nugget as well as a faceted blue quartz gemstone, a reminder of the colour of the Caribbean sea.

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Fashion gets rough

Finally. The fashion world is finally catching up with the growing band of jewellery makers who are using uncut, natural gemstones in their designs. According to leading jewellery blog Adorn London, at the Autumn/Winter 2012 Chanel show models were apparently decked with “rock crystal protrusions”.

Well, as a jewellery designer who likes nothing more than working with natural, uncut, raw gemstones, I like the sound of that.

The Adorn blog writers, Juliet Hutton-Squire and Maia Adams, predicted that uncut gemstones would be a trend this year in an article they wrote for Professional Jeweller magazine last May. The design world is currently fascinated with the natural world, they wrote, with “geologically inspired” looks including uncut gemstones getting jewellery makers excited.

One of the examples they cite in the article is an ad campaign for Tom Ford eyewear, where a model wears a massive, natural, quartz crystal pendant. And very nice it is too (you can always rely on Tom Ford).

So if you start noticing gorgeous, raw gems gracing the models in the pages of your favourite fashion magazines this year, just remember where you saw them first – see, for instance, our fabulous Silver Torque with Aquamarine Nugget, £125, which features a slab of magnificent natural aquamarine; our Silver and Ruby Superstar Earrings, £50, which have gorgeous uncut rubies set into little silver stars; our Raw Diamond in Gold Blossom Necklace, £85, with its amazing uncut, natural diamond; and also our Silver and Diamond Glitter Cup Ring, £75, a unique design that features an encrustation of tiny natural diamonds that look like the best glitter you’ve ever seen.
pure002.jpeg  wild002.jpeg  wild013.jpeg  wild004m.jpeg And that’s just to name some of the examples of raw rocks used in Rok Chix designs (browse our collections to see more).

Rock on, as they say!