Spooky Gems For Halloween by Rok Chix


Slap on the silver, it’s almost time for one of the nation’s favourite festivals – Halloween. And this year Rok Chix has the perfect silver accessory for any Halloween look, especially if your taste runs to beautiful bats, stylish skulls or sleek snakes.


Rok Chix Silver Bat and Charcoal Pearl Necklace   Rok Chix Silver Bat and Charcoal Pearl Bracelet


Our Silver Bat and Charcoal Pearl Necklace, £55, with accompanying Silver Bat and Charcoal Pearl Bracelet, £45, are among the most recent additions to the Rok Chix collections, featuring delicate, handmade sterling silver bats set in the centre of strings of little charcoal grey freshwater pearls.


Rok Chix Silver Skull Stud Earrings   Rok Chix Silver and Black Diamond Skull Necklace  Rok Chix Silver and Black Diamond Skull Bangle


Meanwhile our skull jewellery is already a must-have for any aspiring gothic fashionista, including the simple but ever-so-slightly scary Silver Skull Stud Earrings, £25, as well as the Silver and Black Diamond Skull Necklace, £95, and Silver and Black Diamond Skull Bangle, £95, both of which feature unearthly charcoal grey raw diamonds for eyes.


Rok Chix Silver and Diamond Glitter Snake Earrings


Our Silver and Diamond Glitter Snake Earrings, £95, are also highly appropriate spook-fest gems, featuring snake heads encrusted with real little raw diamond crystals.


If, however, you’re wondering why silver is associated with vampires, werewolves and all other manner of scary Halloween creatures, the answer may lie with the moon. Apparently there is an association between the moon goddess Artemis (or Selene in Greek mythology) and silver because she carried a silver bow. Indeed, in Celtic mythology, the moon goddess is called Arianrhod (Arian means silver in Welsh – or more generally these days, money).


Some legends say that the moon goddess made silver poisonous to the werewolves to help protect anyone who crossed their paths at full moon.

As for vampires, most people who grew up with constant episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – or perhaps, more recently, the Twilight franchise – knows that wearing a silver cross around your neck will protect you against a vampire’s bite. Some speculate that’s because silver is associated with the Virgin Mary, and if you wear silver she will protect you against blood-suckers.


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