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Shimmering Jewels In Shades Of Grey By Rok Chix


Until a certain novel topped best-seller lists around the world, the colour grey was generally perceived as boring, sad and distinctly lacklustre. But here at Rok Chix, maker of silver, precious and semi-precious handmade jewellery, grey is – and has always been – anything but boring.


One of our favourite gemstones is labradorite, a fascinating stone that appears in several colours, but mostly in various shades of grey; from light, silvery grey to dark, brooding charcoal. Named after the place where it was first discovered – St Paul Island in Labrador, Canada – labradorite displays shimmering iridescence-like optical effects called labradoresence.


It’s said that the Eskimos believed the Northern Lights were once trapped in rocks in Labrador, and while a warrior freed the lights by striking the rocks with his spear, some remained within the stone – and that’s how labradorite was bestowed with its magical optical effects.


Our Rok Chix Silver and Gemstone Rock Star Ring in Labradorite, £85, features a deep, dark grey faceted labradorite cabochon, with flashes of neon green and electric blue. This chunky silver ring is also available with a moonstone or turquoise gem.


 Rok Chix Silver and Gemstone Rock Star RingRok Chix Silver and Labradorite Princess RingRok Chix Bejewelled Silver and Labradorite Bracelet


Somewhat more demure is our Rok Chix Silver and Labradorite Princess Ring, £45, which is available via our Rok Chix Etsy shop and Bouf.com. This simple, pretty ring is ultra feminine, and features a silvery grey faceted labradorite gem topped with a silver nugget.


   Rok Chix Bejewelled Double-Hoop Silver Earrings  Rok Chix Charcoal Pearls and Silver Barbs Necklace


Elsewhere, our Rok Chix Bejewelled Silver and Labradorite Bracelet, £85, features heaps of sparkly little faceted labradorite beads that are full of electric flashes, so the bracelet shimmers as it catches the light. The same twinkly labradorite beads are used in our Rok Chix Bejewelled Double-Hoop Silver Earrings, £45. One hoop features hand-wrapped labradorite beads, while the other sparkles with shimmering faceted moonstone beads to represent the combination of light and shade.


 But it’s not all about labradorite. One of our best-selling pieces is our Rok Chix Charcoal Pearl and Silver Barbs Necklace, £45 – a unique freshwater pearl necklace that has more than a bit of an edge. Featuring spiky, irregular charcoal freshwater pearls interspersed with hand-beaten silver barbs, we think EL James herself might approve.