Fashion gets rough

Finally. The fashion world is finally catching up with the growing band of jewellery makers who are using uncut, natural gemstones in their designs. According to leading jewellery blog Adorn London, at the Autumn/Winter 2012 Chanel show models were apparently decked with “rock crystal protrusions”.

Well, as a jewellery designer who likes nothing more than working with natural, uncut, raw gemstones, I like the sound of that.

The Adorn blog writers, Juliet Hutton-Squire and Maia Adams, predicted that uncut gemstones would be a trend this year in an article they wrote for Professional Jeweller magazine last May. The design world is currently fascinated with the natural world, they wrote, with “geologically inspired” looks including uncut gemstones getting jewellery makers excited.

One of the examples they cite in the article is an ad campaign for Tom Ford eyewear, where a model wears a massive, natural, quartz crystal pendant. And very nice it is too (you can always rely on Tom Ford).

So if you start noticing gorgeous, raw gems gracing the models in the pages of your favourite fashion magazines this year, just remember where you saw them first – see, for instance, our fabulous Silver Torque with Aquamarine Nugget, £125, which features a slab of magnificent natural aquamarine; our Silver and Ruby Superstar Earrings, £50, which have gorgeous uncut rubies set into little silver stars; our Raw Diamond in Gold Blossom Necklace, £85, with its amazing uncut, natural diamond; and also our Silver and Diamond Glitter Cup Ring, £75, a unique design that features an encrustation of tiny natural diamonds that look like the best glitter you’ve ever seen.
pure002.jpeg  wild002.jpeg  wild013.jpeg  wild004m.jpeg And that’s just to name some of the examples of raw rocks used in Rok Chix designs (browse our collections to see more).

Rock on, as they say!