Spell It Out This Valentine’s Day With Rok Chix Love Tokens

Rok Chix Silver Soul Mate Necklace

If you love someone, let them know exactly how you feel this Valentine’s Day. You could, of course, try spelling out I LOVE YOU in chocolates or – if you were feeling particularly creative – in rosebuds.

Alternatively you could give your loved one a permanent reminder of your undying love by presenting them with a Rok Chix jewellery love token designed especially for that purpose.

For those lucky enough to have found their true loves, the Rok Chix Silver Soul Mate Necklace, £55, is the perfect love token. This romantic handmade necklace features a sterling silver tag that spells the words ‘Soul Mate’ in dreamy swirly type, along with two little twinkly faceted sapphire gems – one pink and one blue – all hanging from a 50cm sterling silver chain.

Or you could choose from the Rok Chix range of sterling silver and gemstone charm necklaces and skinny bangles that spell out little secret messages of love on oval-shaped sterling silver tags along with a variety of combinations of gems:

The Silver 4EVER Charm Bangle, £45, and Silver 4EVER Charm Necklace, £40, feature an off-white freshwater pearl and coin-shaped tourmalinated quartz gem; while the Silver I<3U (I love you) Charm Bangle, £45, and Silver I<3U Charm Necklace, £40, include a baby-pink faceted rose quartz gem and teardrop-shaped off-white freshwater pearl.

Designed for hopeless romantics everywhere, the Silver LY4E (love you forever) Charm Bangle, £45, and Silver LY4E Charm Necklace, £40, include a silvery-grey faceted labradorite gem and a cream freshwater pearl. And finally the Silver XOXO (hugs and kisses) Charm Bangle, £45 and Silver XOXO Charm Necklace, £40, feature a blue-black peacock pearl and a faceted clear quartz gemstone.

Whichever you choose, you can’t fail to get your message across.