Daily Archives: 12/10/2011

Rok Chix ruby raspberries are good enough to eat

At Rok Chix we like to bring you designs that are a little bit different or quirky, even. So we hope you’ll like one of our newest creations: our raspberries.

Well, to be precise, our Silver and Natural Ruby Raspberry Ring, £75, and Silver and Natural Ruby Raspberry Earrings, £75. These seriously funky little baubles are a visual delight. We use beautiful little dark red ruby crystals set in ball shapes, so yes, they really do look like raspberries – raspberries set in sterling silver, that is.

sparkle004m.jpeg  sparkle005.jpeg  wild010.jpeg

The rubies are all natural and uncut, so no two rings or pairs of earrings will be exactly the same. What’s not to like?

The ring is a single ball of raspberry crystals that sits in a silver half cup on top of a classic, 2mm-wide silver band. The ball is around 10mm in diameter, which is big enough to get noticed (but not too big to be clumsy). The earrings are two ruby balls set in two silver half cups that hang from simple silver drop wires.

They’re perfect for when you get a hankering for fresh raspberries in winter. There again we certainly don’t recommend that you eat them. But they will make your mouth water.

If you’re looking for something more discreet, on the other hand, why not treat yourself to a pair of our Silver and Uncut Ruby Studs, £40? Again we have used natural, uncut rubies (we think they are much prettier than the cut type), which also means each pair is different from the next.

For more delicious jewels, take a tour around the collections at rokchix.com