Daily Archives: 12/07/2011

Turquoise: the great protector

According to a report on Vogue.com, jewellery that guards against the ‘evil eye’ – known as apotropaic jewellery – was very much in evidence among the fashionistas at the recent Paris Haute Couture shows. Apparently talismans and amulets are all the rage among the style-conscious – think hamsa hand and blue ‘evil’ eye charms, strung on gold chains and leather thong bracelets, and you’ll get the idea.

The idea that jewellery can guard against negative energy is nothing new – we’ve been using jewellery to do that for thousands of years (at a rough guess, don’t quote me!).  Charms are a popular means of protection, of course, but so are some gemstones, most notably turquoise. Many ancient cultures are said to have used turquoise for protection, in the form of a talisman or amulet. If you were given something made from turquoise, it was supposed to protect you from negative energy. Oh, and apparently it brings good fortune too – along with a long list of other benefits, depending on which crystal healing guide you refer to.

Turquoise and Silver Cocktail RingNow I’m not sure if all that sort of talk of evil eyes and protection amulets is your cup of tea, but you’ve got to admit, if nothing else turquoise is a stunning gemstone, especially when worn during the warm days of summer – our turquoise pieces are definitely among our most popular, in terms of sales. Like our Turquoise and Silver Cocktail Ring (£55), for instance. I can’t guarantee it will protect you against negativity, but if you like chunky, vibrant rings, it won’t disappoint on the visual front.