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Shaun Leane’s million pound glove

Daphne Guinness gloveOh my. Have you seen the pictures of heiress fashionista Daphne Guinness modelling the diamond and gold glove created by top jeweller Shaun Leane (as featured on wwd.com)? Let’s start with the glove. It’s worth more than a million pounds (and yes, you don’t even get a pair). So what exactly do you get for your money then? Well it’s made from 18-carat white gold and 5,000 pavé white diamonds. Imagine a cross between chain mail body armour and an evening glove, with a flock of diamond birds fashioned in diamonds, and you might get an idea. Now that’s a piece of unusual jewellery, don’t you think?

Daphne reportedly chose Shaun to collaborate with her on the design of the jewelled glove as he had previously worked with the late, great Alexander McQueen to produce the dramatic jewellery for the designer’s legendary catwalk shows. Of course Shaun is one of this country’s leading jewellery designers and needs no introduction to those who know their baubles. The collaboration with Daphne, however, gave him the opportunity to really push the boundaries. And the result is pretty spectacular.

The showcase for the jewelled glove was possibly even more sensational than the object itself. Featuring the heiress draped in an Alexander McQueen body suit and a veil covering her face, she was meant to look as if she was lying in state, with just one arm (the one with the glove) exposed. All manner of fashion gods were there to witness the spooky event, including the one and only Tom Ford – who allegedly tickled Daphne’s corpse-like body (and no, by all accounts, she stayed in character and didn’t giggle…). The event took place at Jay Joplin’s Georgian townhouse, which, as the photographs suggest, provided the stunt with a suitably ethereal backdrop.

Now that’s given me some ideas for showcasing some of the upcoming new – though not quite as costly – Rok Chix designs. Oh alright then, perhaps not…