Daily Archives: 04/07/2011

Kate and Jamie get hitched

Congratulations to Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, who got married a few days ago. No doubt you’ll have already seen the lovely snaps in the papers (if not, there are some nice ones on Grazia Daily) – they really do look happy, awwww.

But forget the impressive list of celebs in attendance. The real stars of the day – apart from the happy couple, that is – were the cute-as-button bridesmaids. I’m not sure how many bridesmaids and flower girls they had altogether, but in one photo I counted 14 – all dressed in beautiful, simple matching white dresses and flower garlands in their hair.

Now the advantage of being a bridesmaid, apart from being placed very firmly centre stage on the wedding day itself, is that it’s customary to receive a gift from those tying the knot. And that gift is quite often a piece of jewellery. I remember the first time I was a bridesmaid – I think I was about five or six years old – I was given a lovely necklace that had a little gold blossom pendant, inside of which was a white pearl. I cherished it then, and still cherish it now.

Finding the right gift for a bridesmaid or flower girl is a task in itself (as if you don’t have enough to do when you’re planning your wedding, eh?). So here are my recommendations for a few Rok Chix baubles that may delight bridesmaids of all ages…

True Love necklaceSilver Heart and Pearl EarringsSilver Star Stud EarringsSilver 4EVER Silver Charm BangleSilver Bow Studs

For details (l-r), see Pearl Necklace with True Love Charm (£55),  Silver Hearts and Pearl Earrings (£40), Solid Silver Star Stud Earrings (£35), Silver 4EVER Charm Bangle (£40) and Silver Bow Stud Earrings (£25).