Making wishes come true

I’ve just come across the website of a New Zealand-born jewellery designer who goes by the name of Violet Darkling (yes, fabulous name isn’t it – not her real name, mind you, which is Louisa Richwhite… which is also quite exotic, wouldn’t you agree?). Now living in the UK, Louisa – or Violet, I’m not sure what to call her – produces some gorgeous gemstone jewellery. But it was her Wish Bracelets that caught my attention.

The bracelets, says Louisa/Violet, include a heart charm that’s a symbol of love and friendship. And, she continues, the Welsh legend says if you make a wish before putting the bracelet on, don’t take it off, believe in it and treasure it, then your wish will come true.

I thought that was a lovely sentiment – though, being Welsh myself, I’ve never actually heard of that legend (but I’ll buy it anyway as it’s such a nice idea).

Rok Chix Flower Power Friendship BraceletIf you like the Violet Darkly Wish Bracelet (£45), you’ll love the Rok Chix Flower Power Friendship Bracelet (£25), which is part of the Rok Chix collection that’s sold exclusively on I can’t guarantee it will make your wishes come true, but if you buy one for a treasured friend she won’t be disappointed.