Monthly Archives: June 2011

How to do pearls with a twist

The new pearl collection from Comme des Garcons has arrived at London’s uber-stylish Dover Street Market – check out the collection on I’m loving the heart pendant made from a cluster of magnificent, luminous pearls. Very nice indeed.

The collection, according to Vogue, includes necklaces fashioned from juicy, handpicked natural Pacific Ocean pearls as well as top-notch cultured Japanese pearls, so no wonder the least expensive of the lot will set you back a cool £1,700. Yikes, that hurts.

Rok Chix Charcoal Pearl and Silver Barbs NecklaceIf you’re short of the odd £1,700 too, the Rok Chix Charcoal Pearl and Silver Barbs Necklace is just (if not more, even if I say so myself) edgy. Okay, it doesn’t have the highly expensive pearls that the CdG pieces are made from (it’s made from freshwater pearls and handmade silver barbs, actually). But there again it will  only make your bank balance £45 lighter, which, in these cash-strapped times, sounds a bit more like it to me.

For more Rok Chix pearly delights, take a tour around our Glow collection

Making wishes come true

I’ve just come across the website of a New Zealand-born jewellery designer who goes by the name of Violet Darkling (yes, fabulous name isn’t it – not her real name, mind you, which is Louisa Richwhite… which is also quite exotic, wouldn’t you agree?). Now living in the UK, Louisa – or Violet, I’m not sure what to call her – produces some gorgeous gemstone jewellery. But it was her Wish Bracelets that caught my attention.

The bracelets, says Louisa/Violet, include a heart charm that’s a symbol of love and friendship. And, she continues, the Welsh legend says if you make a wish before putting the bracelet on, don’t take it off, believe in it and treasure it, then your wish will come true.

I thought that was a lovely sentiment – though, being Welsh myself, I’ve never actually heard of that legend (but I’ll buy it anyway as it’s such a nice idea).

Rok Chix Flower Power Friendship BraceletIf you like the Violet Darkly Wish Bracelet (£45), you’ll love the Rok Chix Flower Power Friendship Bracelet (£25), which is part of the Rok Chix collection that’s sold exclusively on I can’t guarantee it will make your wishes come true, but if you buy one for a treasured friend she won’t be disappointed.