Love is in the air

thmblove_dogtagover.jpgThere is definitely a touch of romance in the air right now – maybe it has something to do with a rather big wedding happening later this week or maybe it’s just the effect spring has on us, who can tell? But if you too are feeling the love, why not shout it from the rooftops with one of our most recent additions, our Silver Love Dogtag Necklace, £45?

This incredibly pretty handmade silver necklace features a 2cm-long silver dogtag stamped with the word ‘LOVE’, which hangs besides a vibrant pink tourmaline gemstone on a 50cm silver belcher chain. Why pink tourmaline, you may wonder? Well there is a reason, and it’s not just because it’s such a beautiful colour. Pink tourmaline – like other similarly coloured gemstones, rose quartz for instance – is said to attract love, especially when worn near the heart. But you probably guessed that already.

So go on, show the world you’re a hopeless romantic. It’s quite the thing right now, apparently…