Spread a little happiness

thmbhappy_dogtagover.jpgIt’s a very good time to get into happiness. Only the other week, a campaign called Action for Happiness was launched – even the Dalai Lama is a member. And you can join too, just sign up on the website for regular updates on how to be happy by doing things for other people and getting enjoyment out of the little things in life that money just can’t buy.

And in support of the happiness movement we’ve introduced our Happy Thoughts Dogtag Necklace: a classic silver dogtag stamped with the words ‘Think happy thoughts’ and coupled with the most beautiful blue tourmaline gem. Why blue tourmaline, you may be thinking? Well, according to our gemstone bible, it dissolves sadness and helps prevent negativity. And if you don’t buy into the power of gemstones theory, just gaze into the beautiful aqua hues of this blue tourmaline and you’ll understand why some people say it makes you feel more positive and more peaceful.

A very pretty necklace with an important message. It will make you smile, we guarantee.