Monthly Archives: April 2011

Love is in the air

thmblove_dogtagover.jpgThere is definitely a touch of romance in the air right now – maybe it has something to do with a rather big wedding happening later this week or maybe it’s just the effect spring has on us, who can tell? But if you too are feeling the love, why not shout it from the rooftops with one of our most recent additions, our Silver Love Dogtag Necklace, £45?

This incredibly pretty handmade silver necklace features a 2cm-long silver dogtag stamped with the word ‘LOVE’, which hangs besides a vibrant pink tourmaline gemstone on a 50cm silver belcher chain. Why pink tourmaline, you may wonder? Well there is a reason, and it’s not just because it’s such a beautiful colour. Pink tourmaline – like other similarly coloured gemstones, rose quartz for instance – is said to attract love, especially when worn near the heart. But you probably guessed that already.

So go on, show the world you’re a hopeless romantic. It’s quite the thing right now, apparently…

Spread a little happiness

thmbhappy_dogtagover.jpgIt’s a very good time to get into happiness. Only the other week, a campaign called Action for Happiness was launched – even the Dalai Lama is a member. And you can join too, just sign up on the website for regular updates on how to be happy by doing things for other people and getting enjoyment out of the little things in life that money just can’t buy.

And in support of the happiness movement we’ve introduced our Happy Thoughts Dogtag Necklace: a classic silver dogtag stamped with the words ‘Think happy thoughts’ and coupled with the most beautiful blue tourmaline gem. Why blue tourmaline, you may be thinking? Well, according to our gemstone bible, it dissolves sadness and helps prevent negativity. And if you don’t buy into the power of gemstones theory, just gaze into the beautiful aqua hues of this blue tourmaline and you’ll understand why some people say it makes you feel more positive and more peaceful.

A very pretty necklace with an important message. It will make you smile, we guarantee.

The ring you can take for a spin

The latest addition to the Rok Chix collection of chunky gemstone rings is our Silver and Gemstone Spinning Ring, which is available in a selection of gorgeous gems.

thmbspinringover.jpgIt’s based on an uncomplicated idea. A round gemstone sits between two open sides of a sterling silver band, held in place by a riveted silver rod. The gemstone turns around, hence the name. What I like best about this ring, however, is its simplicity. As anyone who’s familiar with Rok Chix jewellery knows, we don’t really do fussy designs. The gemstone is always the main focus of the piece, because, well, we love gemstones and we think they don’t need much adornment (they’re already spectacularly beautiful).

And before you ask, the Spinning Rings are really comfortable to wear – you don’t even realise you’re wearing one half of the time.

Now let’s get down to the gemstones available. There’s a lovely pink rose quartz, as well as a sparkly clear quartz and a chocolate-coloured smoky quartz, plus a charcoal grey labradorite with lovely flashes – all of these gemstones are faceted too, by the way. Plus, because I am mad about tourmalinated quartz, I’ve added one of these gems to the range too, and to finish off, a Rok Chix first – pyrite. Also known as fool’s gold, pyrite is a fascinating gemstone in that it looks like metal rather than a gem. I think, out of all of them, the pyrite is my particular favourite. Or perhaps the labradorite, or the tourmalinated quartz.. Oh I just can’t make up my mind.

Available for the bargain sum of £45, these are rings you’ll want to wear every day.

And before you ask, many apologies for the lack of blogging lately – I’ve been busy designing lots of new pieces for you, so look out for news of other new baubles and trinkets coming up very soon.