Mad about aquamarine

Ah, you lucky people born in the month of March. Not only does your birthday see nature bursting back into life after the winter, but you also have the honour of saying your birth stone is aquamarine.

I adore aquamarine, can’t get enough of it. I’ve even devoted almost an entire collection to the gem’s bluey-greeney gorgeousness. Natural, uncut aquamarine is by far my favourite – as anyone who has seen some of the pieces in the Pure collection knows. But being an aquamarine addict, I’ll take it any way I can get it.
But enough of my gushing tribute, here are some fascinating facts about aquamarine that any March baby might want to know…

Aquamarine is a variety of a mineral called Beryl (no, not your aunty Beryl, but Beryl the gemstone family). As such, it is related to other fab gems such as emerald, morganite (which is pink) and helidor (golden). Aquamarine comes in various shades of blue and blue-green, ranging from the palest baby blue to a yellowy blue-green. Perfectly transparent aquamarine is understandably the most prized – and highly expensive – but the opaque (or cloudy) stones are just as beautiful, if you ask me. I especially like ones that have inclusions – that is, little fragments of other stones, typically haematite (black) and mica (silver).

In terms of hardness, aquamarine notches up a 7.5-8 – fairly hard, then, but not as hard as diamond (which scores 10) or ruby/sapphire (both a 9). Just incase you needed to know.
And because it grows in long hexagonal crystals, it’s often used to make wands for crystal healing – talking of which, its healing properties include soothing sore throats and swollen glands and, according to some crystal healers, it’s also good for hayfever and short sightedness!

Most of the aquamarine used in Rok Chix jewellery comes from Afghanistan, though you can also find aquamarine in Brazil, Mozambique, Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.
Well then, why do I adore aquamarine? Well because it’s fabulous, of course. But also because it’s the closest thing I’ve found that matches the colour of my Siamese cat’s eyes. She’s no longer with me, I’m afraid, but whenever I see aquamarine or wear some aquamarine jewellery, I think of her. Awwww.
Next month: April’s birthstone is diamond (and my birthstone, wouldn’t you know!)