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Going for gold (or, er, not…)

f you’ve been tempted by one of those ‘we give you the highest price for your gold’ TV ads, think very carefully before you send off your valuables.
In a recent report by the consumer watchdog Which?, companies such as Cash4Gold and CashMyGold are offering around just six percent of the retail value for new gold jewellery – yes, SIX percent. Hardly a good deal.
Read the Which? report yourself, which also reveals that you’d get a better deal by taking your jewellery to a pawn shop (though high-street jewellers give the best prices, the Which? researchers claim).
And yes, I know times are tough, and we could all do with a bit of a cash injection, especially at this time of year. So I’m not at all surprised that these cash-for-gold companies are doing massive business.
But the truth is, you’ll lose out big time if you do sell to a cash-for-gold firm. Not only do you get a rubbish deal (despite the ads making you think you’ll be wadded), but think of it this way – it’s like taking a perfectly good car, maybe a few years old, and selling it for scrap. Cash-for-gold companies only offer you the scrap value of your jewellery – that’s because they melt it down. So all that skill and craftsmanship that was involved in making your jewellery counts for nothing in the end. And that’s tragic, if you ask me.
So if you do need some fast money, sell to a high-street jeweller – at least they’re more likely to sell your lovely jewellery as second-hand, rather than have it melted down (ooh, the thought of it brings tears to my eyes).

The Lincs connection

Good news if you’re based in Lincolnshire. Rok Chix has a new stockist in Sleaford:
Wilkinson’s Jewellers
The Little Time House
13 Southgate
Lincs NG34 7SU
There’s a selection of Rok Chix pieces in store already, so if you’re in the area do go and have a butchers (and say ‘hi’ to the lovely Peta Wilkinson, the store’s owner).
And for those who are nowhere near Sleaford, there’s always the good old online option (

Sapphires and Soul Mates for Valentine’s Day

This year, delicious handmade silver and gemstone jewellery designer Rok Chix has something a little different for hopeless romantics and passion addicts on Valentine’s Day.  Instead of the usual heart-shaped tokens of affection, our Silver Soul Mate Necklace is a simple statement of true love.

Our unique and seriously funky necklace features a simple sterling silver tag emblazoned with the world Soul Mate along with two fabulous twinkling little sapphire gems – one pink and one blue (or two of each colour if you prefer) – all hanging from a classic 50cm sterling silver chain.


It’s the perfect way to show how much you adore the object of your affection (and to show the world you’re adored, too). Price: £55


There again, for old-fashioned girls who like the romance of the conventional hearts and flower approach, the Rok Chix Silver Rose Heart Necklace is a charming take on an old favourite. It features a large, sterling silver heart pendant with vintage rose pattern and a mouthwatering pink ruby gemstone as a symbol of love and passion, again  hanging from a classic 50cm sterling silver chain. Price: £65

Alternatively, for that flush of first love, our Silver Sweet Necklace is designed for little girls (and big ones) who are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. A sterling silver tag declares your sweetness to the world, stamped as it is with the word Sweet, while a cute little pink rose quartz heart charm piles on the romance. It’s enough to make you go ahhhhhh. Price: £40

All are made right here in the UK by designer/maker Christine Morgan in  her Brighton studio and available from (see Smitten collection for these and other seriously romantic baubles).