All I want for Christmas (last shout)

Whoah. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks at Rok Chix mansions, with Christmas orders coming in thick and fast. I’ve been working my tiny fingers to the bone (okay, slight exaggeration, but I do have tiny little fingers…) and will most likely continue to do so for another week. Then it’s Chriiiiiiiiiistmaaaas.
Talking of which, time is running out for the all-important Chrissie pressie shopping, so to make up for the past two blog-free weeks here are a few more gems of inspiration, should you still be looking for gift ideas. And to give credit where credit’s due, some have come courtesy of Grazia (thanks ladies), which published a fab gift guide last week.
So first up, Barbie by Louboutin. I know. What a fabulous idea. is selling the iconic dollies all togged up by Mr L, but the first one in the collection of three – the carburglar Barbie (think Emma Peel from The Avengers, all black and leather-clad) is already sold out. In other words, if this is the perfect present for someone you know, you’re too late. But check in with the website for the next two Barbies (and for some new stock of the first, with any luck).
Next – and this one is in stock (well, at least it is while I write) – is something all girls need, a Womder Woman lunch box. I’d use this as a handbag, it’s so cute. Buy it from for a recession-Christmas-friendly £7.79.
If it’s cute you’re after, you’ll love the Bambi-themed hot water bottle from – perfect for a snuggle on a cold January night (£6 – bargain). And for the man in your life, a great, quirky stocking filler is this soldiers egg cup from (£9.95).
Finally, what girl doesn’t need a pair of cashmere slippers? After all that present hunting, you deserve a treat, and these are just perfect. Purple ballet pumps in 100 percent pure cashmere with little pink drawstrings and insoles (from, priced £59). To die for.
Of course there’s still time to buy some of my own lovely baubles – last ordering day at is Saturday 19th. And don’t worry about my fingers, they can rest up on Christmas Day.