All I want for Christmas #3

Now the temperature has dropped (well finally… I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever get a proper winter), it’s time to dig out those big thick gloves and furry boots that you stashed at the back of your wardrobe last spring. And of course no Christmas would be complete without unwrapping the odd scarf or woolie hat under the tree on Christmas morning (it’s what grannies are for, after all).
But this year, I’m dreaming of getting a pair of earmuffs. Yes, earmuffs. They keep your ears lovely and warm – and they don’t give you nasty helmet hair (I mean, just how cold does it have to get before looking like a nit with stick-to-your-head hair is okay?).
This winter, Monsoon has a fab range of earmuffs which I’m rather loving a lot. Forget your expensive quilted sheepskin earmuffs (yes, I know Uggs are desirable, but have you seen the price of them???). These babies come in different colours and textures (including faux leopardskin) and cost just £16. I’m torn between the hearts and stripes earmuffs, the knitted Fairisle earmuffs and this rather luxurious looking lurex cross hatch tonal pair…
They’re perfect for keeping your ears warm and toasty, especially during the obligatory Christmas Day post-lunch walk (and you won’t look like a flat head afterwards). Check them out at Better than a boring old beanie any day.