Daily Archives: 27/11/2009

All I want for Christmas #2

If you don’t buy – or receive – bath and body products for Christmas, then you’re breaking an ancient law. Well, what would Christmas be like without a basket of Body Shop smellies from your mum, or your gift of lavender lovelies that you bought for your gran? Right. It would be downright dismal.
There again, if you’re fed up of the usual predictable bath salts and gimmicky soaps, there are loads of inspirational brands out there that aren’t quite household names (well, not yet perhaps, and probably not in the UK). One of my favourites that falls into this category is Korres, a Greek line of natural beauty products that has its roots in Athens’ first homeopathic pharmacy. But don’t let that put you off.
Today, the name Korres conjures up gorgeous beauty concoctions containing ingredients such as wild rose, honey, yoghurt, pomegranate, plum and all manner of herbs. And if you’re into the natural thing, Korres beauty products contain 95-100 percent naturally-sourced ingredients – which is about as natural as it gets unless you make your own.
And they’ve got something for everyone.
For your mum, try the Wild Rose Set, with wild rose cream, serum and rose mask. For your best mate who loves going abroad, the Holiday in Greece Kit is perfect (aloe and soapwort shampoo, basil lemon showergel, basil lemon body milk, guava showergel, guava body butter).
Your teenage niece would love the Vanilla Plum Little Pouch, with vanilla plum showergel, body butter and lip butter, and there’s even something for your dad or the man in your life: the Men’s Kit, which contains absinthe shave cream, marigold and ginseng aftershave balm, magnesium and wheat shampoo, juniper and rum shower gel and ruscus and chestnut eye cream (no, we don’t know what ruscus is either). Well, makes a change from Old Spice.
And for yourself? With all that socialising on the cards you’re almost definitely going to need the Party Survival Kit, with wild rose cream, evening primrose eye cream, guava body butter, guava showergel, milk proteins emulsion and refreshing gum.
So that’s everyone smelling fabulous on Christmas Day sorted then. Result.