Daily Archives: 25/11/2009

Jade Jagger shows her jewels

Fans of old rockers The Rolling Stones will be pleased to hear that daddy’s little girl has done good. Well, with that pedigree, Jade Jagger could hardly be one of life’s failures, could she? In fact, she’s made a huge name for herself as a jewellery designer to the rich and famous.
And now she’s opening her own shop in Notting Hill (where else?). Pop over to the opening tomorrow and you could rub shoulders with the coolest of London’s cool – and you’ll get a first-hand glimpse at JJ’s fabulous jewels, all skulls and dazzling gems, gorgeous!
Of course if you don’t live in London you can get an idea of what’ll be on display in the shop by visiting JJ’s website, jadejagger.co.uk. You can even get a look at Ms Jagger herself, nekkid as the day she was born, lying on a fabulous tropical beach.
Jade, honeybun, if this photo is anything to go by, you’ve certainly got the body to die for. Just don’t start a trend with this nude business, okay? I mean, for some of us jewellery designers who don’t look like you, it wouldn’t do much for our sales and marketing.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t expect anything similar on rokchix.com. For one thing, the pebbles on my local Brighton beachare far too uncomfortable to romp around on au naturel…