Daily Archives: 24/11/2009

All I want for Christmas #1

With just under a calendar month left before Christmas Day (hurrah!), if you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, you’re probably thinking, what’s the rush, you’ve got loads of time. But don’t be fooled. The next few weeks will flash by and before you know oit there’ll be just a couple of shopping days before the big event, and there you’ll be, stressed out and panicking like mad over what to buy your nearest and dearest. Trust me, I’ve been there.
If it’s inspiration you’re after, I’m going to aim to put some your way over the next few weeks. And I won’t just be suggesting my own gorgeous gifts (though if you want to impress someone with a gift of fabulous jewellery, you know where to come… oh okay then, rokchix.com). For starters, here’s something I’m crazy in love with – it’s a new website I’ve just found that’s aimed squarely at pooch lovers. It’s an American store, but it looks like they have a UK base because you can buy direct from the website – prices are displayed in pounds (they also have some UK stores that stock their products too).
Called Fuzzy Nation, the website has all manner of fab pooch-inspired gifts, including cuddly dog toys (but not like anything you’ve seen before, honest), bags, jewellery and other accessories.

Here’s a taster, it’s a purse in the shape of a pug (they call them wristlets), made in a floral material and an absolute bargain at £11.99. Totally bonkers and totally gorgeous. If you know someone who’s mad about mutts, this is the place to shop. In fact, I feel a credit card moment coming on right now…


Got a suggestion for shopping inspiration? Email me at christine@rokchix.com and if I like it, I’ll write about it…