Daily Archives: 20/11/2009

The poetry of jewels

Flipping heck, I can’t keep up with these celebrities turning their hands to jewellery design. Now it’s Alicia Keys’ turn to launch a jewellery collection in the US.
Working with jewellery designer Gisele Theriault, Alicia has come up with a collection of silver and gemstone pieces – and here’s the interesting bit, they all feature inscriptions of poetry by the Japanese author Masaru Emoto (yes, I had to look him up).
Now Emoto is best known for his idea that, if you direct words or thoughts at water droplets as they turn to ice, the ice crystals will be either beautiful or ugly (depending on what you said or thought). Hmmm.
Who knows, perhaps if you write something beautiful on a piece of jewellery, the person who wears it will be (or feel) beautiful too? I think that’s what Alicia’s trying to get at, since she’s reported to have said about her collection that their purpose is “to give people beautiful, unique pieces with messages that ignite them to find the best within”.

You’ll be able to see for yourself when the website selling Alicia’s pieces – which will cost between $85 and $2,500 – goes live (for future reference, it’s thebarbersdaughters.com).
I’m fascinated with the idea of putting words on jewellery myself – see my silver, gem and natural silk Positive Affirmations necklaces and bracelets on notonthehighstreet.com (bracelet pictured below).

And in 2010 there’ll be more (including some particularly funky Valentine’s Day jewels)  – news coming soon.