Daily Archives: 19/11/2009

Brad and Ange get creative

Seems like only yesterday when I was talking about celebrities designing jewellery, specifically Courtney Cox and her husband David Arquette (who have designed a gorgeous butterfly range for Satya Jewelry in aid of a children’s charity). And now, guess who’s joined the party? Only Brad and Angelina, that’s who.
It’s not enough for the gorgeous twosome to have full-time acting careers and six kids (which itself must be challenging, even with the help of nannies-R-us). No, our Brangelina are strutting their stuff in Courtney and David’s footsteps – then hiking it up a notch or two. Never a couple to be outdone by anyone, I imagine, Brad and Ange are working with world-famous posh jeweller Asprey to produce a collection of gold jewellery and silver accessories. And true to sometimes scary Ange style, the motif of the range is rumoured to be a snake (ha, take that butterfly-girl Courtney). Look out for the Pitt-Jolie pieces in your local Asprey store (London, New York, Beverley Hills, Tokyo and Dubai…. what, no Merthyr Tydfil?) this week.
You’ll have to save your pennies if you want to buy into the Brangelina jewellery dream though. The cheapest piece in the range, so rumours have it, will be a $525 silver baby spoon. There again, it does have a snake-wrapped handle (hmm, way to prepare a baby for a world of weirdness, eh?).
But I’m being churlish. What I’ve seen of the range, I rather like – it’s a bit quirky and a bit mad, just my type of thing. And net proceeds from the sales of the Brangelina range will go to a charity co-founded by Ange, called the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, which raises funds to help children who have been the victims of war and natural disasters.
Fair enough then.