Hello Flash Trash

NEWS UPDATE: Rok Chix features on fab jewellery website myflashtrash.com, which is also home to cool designers such as Patricia Nicolas, Naomi Sheppard, vivi+vivi and Silver Service.
Run by model and actress Amber Atherton – whose motto is Let Jewellery Be Your Statement (amen to that, we say) – Flash Trash was set up in October 2008 to give unique jewellery designers a platform to display their creativity and sell their pieces online to savvy, fashion-forward consumers. All the jewellery on the website – just like on rokchix.com – is hand made, which is a conscious attempt to offer something more than the generic, mass-produced accessories found all over the high street.
As Amber says, ‘After all, just because you want to be fashionable, doesn’t mean you need to follow the herd.’
Way to go, Amber. I coudn’t have put it better myself.
Check out the Rok Chix range on myflashtrash.com.