Favourite jewellery designers… #4

Daphne Krinos may not be a name that trips off the tongue – well, in terms of jewellery designers, at least not as much as my previously featured fave designers (Shaun Leane, Stephen Webster and Solange Azagury-Partridge – all of whom are mentioned in the fashion mags on a regular basis). But Daphne is an outstanding jewellery designer who produces amazing, unique pieces of jewellery (check out her website, you’ll see what I mean).
So what do I like about Daphne so much? For one, her style is instantly recognisable. I mean, nobody does it like Daphne. The way she works metal, sets gemstones and uses colour – well, it’s an inspiration. And I love the type of gemstones she uses. One look at her work and you can see that she, like me, loves gemstones in their natural state, and often sets them in unconventional ways. Check out these amazing rings, made from oxidised silver (the oxidation process turns the metal black) and aquamarine crystals (one of my favourite types of gems, which I use a lot myself – for example, in this simple silver bangle with raw aquamarine crystal).

I don’t know much about Daphne, other than what’s written about her on her website. She was born in Athens but did her jewellery-making training here in the UK at Middlesex University. These days she works out of her studio in East London. Not very rock and roll, like the others I’ve written about, but fabulous nonetheless. A real gem.