November: month of the golden gems

I’m not sure I’m a fan of birthstones – you know, the concept that certain gemstones are lucky for you depending on which month you were born. But it’s a nice idea.
November’s birthstone is either golden topaz or citrine – don’t ask me why there are two, but there are often different stones cited for different months by different sources. And the two gemstones for November are very similar in terms of colour and clarity. Put side by side, it might be quite tricky to tell them apart.
First, topaz. Here’s what you need to know about this stone.
Topaz is found in a range of natural colours, from yellow to brown and even red, blue and colourless. It’s mined in places like Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Australia and California, with pink topaz found in Brazil, Pakistan and Russia, and light blue topaz in parts of the UK (yes, really!).
For those who are into the spiritual properties of gemstones (for want of a better phrase), topaz brings joy, abundance, good health and good fortune. Wearing topaz is said to make you feel confident. Meanwhile golden topaz (also called imperial topaz) is believed to help those who want to be famous (X Factor contestants, take note), as it adds charisma on top of an air of confidence.
Next up, citrine. This, essentially, is yellow quartz (and often mistaken for yellow topaz and vice versa).But ‘citrine’ sounds so much nicer, don’t you think?
Citrine comes in a range of shades, from the most delicate, pale gold (my favourite) to deep, reddy brown (the most valuable), and is found in countries such as Africa, Brazil and Burma.
In terms of crystal therapy, citrine is incredibly popular as it’s the stone of abundance, and is said to attract wealth and success (and don’t we all want some of that?). Good for self-esteem and confidence, when worn it also makes you more creative. Not only that, but it promotes joy and positivity too (apparently, you can’t feel depressed when wearing a piece of citrine, but don’t quote me on that).
Not a bad month then, November.
Coming up some time next month: turquoise, the birthstone for December.