Daily Archives: 03/11/2009

Let’s be friends

I’m not that keen on celebrities designing jewellery – well they already have a job, why be greedy? But even I couldn’t scowl at this one.
Courtney Cox – the most famous Monica in the universe – and husband David Arquette have joined up with Satya Jewelry (yes, a US designer, hence the spelling) to produce a butterfly-inspired collection. I’m a huge fan of Satya Jewelry, I love their charming, simple designs with all their yoga and Eastern symbols and gorgeous gemstones. And this new collection is called the EB Collection (EB stands for epidermolysis bullosa, a serious but thankfully rare genetic condition that affects children’s skin).
The lovely, generous people at Satya donate 100 percent of the proceeds from their EB collection to the EB Medical Research Foundation, which is working to develop a cure for the condition. So why Courtney and David? Well, one of their friends has a little boy with EB, so they decided they had to help. And, with the help of the Satya designers, they designed the Butterfly motif, which, they say, is a symbol for the fragility of EB children’s skin.
“I think becoming a parent redefines your understanding of love and compassion,” says David (reported on Vogue.com). “Beyond spirituality, it is about being a good person and doing what you can to make a difference and make this world a better place.  It is important to do positive things in your life.”
Yes, indeed. And as an added plus, the jewellery is beautiful. I particularly like the EB Cutout Silver Butterfly and Silver Topaz Necklace, which, at $38, is a steal. Buy the collection from the website (if you can bear to wait for overseas deliveries). Or, if you live in or near London, Satya has just opened a Covent Garden store in Henrietta Street.