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Viva El Dia de los Muertos

If you’re suffering from Hallowe’en withdrawal – and facing the proposition of another 12 spook-free months before the next time you can freely wear your witch’s hat without appearing like a mad old bat – there’s still time to celebrate All Souls’ Day. Yes, it’s Mexico’s Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos, incase you were wondering), celebrated on the first two days in November each year. The event – a public holiday in Mexico, lucky things – is traditionally one where families and friends get together to remember loved ones who have died. But to most people outside Latin America (and countries where lots of Latin Americans live, such as North America and Canada) it’s probably best-known as the festival with the skulls. And yes, there are skulls aplenty, from edible, chocolate skulls to skull masks (worn during the celebrations) and spooky-looking skeleton dolls that adorn colourful altars to the dead.
No surprises for figuring out that the Day of the Dead hasn’t caught on over here. Well, not yet, at least (judging by the increasing popularity of the American interpretation of Hallowe’en, it’s probably only a matter of time). But it’s a good excuse to wear some fab skull jewellery – like my Silver Skull Stud Earrings (see below) – and indulge in a drop or two of tequila this evening…

Here’s a recipe for a classic margarita, courtesy of Thomasina Miers and Saturday’s Times Food + Drink section. Thomasina recommends using the real deal, 100 per cent blue agave tequila (which she says won’t leave you with a hangover… though surely it depends how much of the bottle you drink, right?) and, instead of using sugar syrup she suggests agave syrup as a sweetener. So here goes – it’s really easy to make, and after one you’ll probably feel a lot more, er, Mexican…

To make one margherita:
37.5ml tequila
12.5nk triple sec
20ml fresh lime juice
10ml agave syrup
Shake all the ingredients in a shaker containing plenty of ice, then pour over more ice in a fat tumbler (salted rim optional).
Salud, as they say south of the border.