Daily Archives: 28/10/2009

The cat in the (witch’s) hat

Hallowe’en is just a few days away – not that anyone needs reminding, everyone’s gone ghosties-and-ghoulies crazy this year, it seems – so to celebrate the oncoming date here are some photos of pets dressed up as witches, courtesy of some of the lovely (and possibly slightly crazy) members of the US website peoplepets.com.

First up is Finnegan, snapped last Hallowe’en and looking resplendant in her pointy hat and cape. And then there’s Petey the little Yorkie, who’s doing a rather wonderful impersonation of the Wicked Witch of the West, green face and all (I hope they only used food dye to turn his fur green…). Ah, only in America eh?
And before you ask, my own furry twosome, Buddy Love, the pooch, and Precious Jade, the kitty, have refused point blank to don any kind of outfit this Saturday.
Looks like it’ll be up to me again then.
Check out the PeoplePets website for more spooky cat and dog dressing-up madness….