Daily Archives: 25/10/2009

Nightie night

Seen the new Kate Moss pieces for TopShop yet? Well they’re previewing on the TopShop website now, and on sale next Thursday. According to the blurb, the KM Christmas 09 collection brings ‘an oriental opulence’. And for the first time, silk nightwear a la Mossy will be up for grabs. Picture the scene: a nation of Kate Moss fans getting up on a dull Monday morning wrapped in silk kimonos instead of tatty old, oversized t-shirts. Not bad, old girl.
There’s even an interview with Kate on the website, where she spouts: “I love beautiful nightwear, it makes you feel great. Over the years I’ve collected millions of vintage slips, nighties, camis and bed jackets. Who doesn’t want fab nightwear for Christmas?”
Who, indeed, Kate? I suspect ‘millions’ may be a slight exaggeration though (who knew our Kate had leanings towards hyperbole, huh?).
But hang on, she’s probably right. Thinking of my own collection of frilly nighties, comfy t-shirts, sports bras and boxer shorts and all manner of other, occasionally bizarre, nightwear I’ve worn over the years, yes there have been many. So I thought I’d share some of my current faves…

  1. First up, three sets of black v-neck, long-sleeved tops with matching long pants – all from Next, of course, with the most recent bought by my lovely mum-in-law last Christmas (plus points: the bottoms double as jogging bottoms, you can even go to PIlates in them, while the tops will do as daytime tops if you’re a bit behind with your laundry…).
  2. Then there are my all-time favourite cotton pyjamas, which are black with little pale pink polka dots. I have to admit I’ve worn these to death. And they were a bargain too, from Florence & Fred at Tesco (minus points: the pink dots have worn off in areas like the arse, knees and elbows… well, you get what you pay for huh?).
  3. A giant black cotton kaftan, not sure where I got it, some hippy shop probably (plus points: it really is huge, so you can bloat out as much as you like in it, plus it can be worn on its own in summer or with a pair of those Next black pyjama bottoms – see point 1 – when it’s colder).
  4. Novelty red and white snowmen t-shirt-style pyjamas complete with fluffy snowman on the front of the top half, a present from my mum and only ever worn when I’m on my own (when Nick, my better half as they say, is away) or when I want to regress into my childhood (minus points: despite big points for comfort, these PJs look particularly revolting).
  5. Bright red kimono dressing gown, complete with massive square sleeves and lots of embroidery on the back – hah, so I do have something in common with Kate after all (plus points: easy to throw on when the postman rings the doorbell before I’ve woken up properly).
  6. Special mention goes to my bedsocks, probably the most luxurious item of nightwear I own. Two pairs, specifically – both cashmere, one baby pink and one raspberry pink. Amazing. Like having your feet gently caressed with baby duck feathers (not that I’d know, honest).

So what’s your favourite bedtime outfit?