Daily Archives: 19/10/2009

What’s the hold-up?

What is it about a recession that makes everyone think more about sex? Perhaps because it’s free (well, for a lot of people anyway)? Well Marie Claire is today reporting on a growing sexy trend for wearing – steel yourself, girls – stockings and hold-ups. We’re told the folks at figleaves.com claim sales of stockings are up by 35 percent and suspender belts up by 40 percent. Hmmm. And, as usual, it’s all down to those pesky celebrities, says Marie Claire. The likes of Lily Allen, Katie Perry and Rihanna have all been sporting risque underwear lately, and now we’re all doing our best to emulate them. Well that’s the theory anyway.
But stockings aren’t for the faint-hearted. Number one – it’s almost winter, and stockings aren’t going to keep you warm in places you’d rather not get a blast of icy-cold wind. And number two – they can be a bit pricey. I found a lovely pair of silk stockings – black, seam-free, totally indulgent – on the Agent Provocateur website that retail for no less than £35! Lordy.
The good news is you can cheat. Chanel has a pair of tights that look like stockings, apparently (Lily A wore them during the famous Chanel farmyard fashion show recently). Time to start saving…