Daily Archives: 13/10/2009

Where Rok Chix leads, Grazia follows (at least, just this once…)

Hah! Just two weeks after I write about how Shaun Leane (aka Shauny) is one of my fave jewellery designers – see post dated Sep 29 – here he is being interviewed on today’s Grazia Daily website. Check out the photo of him with statuesque supermod Erin O’Connor… Poor Shauny looks positively diddy next to her (but then she is about 10ft tall).
In the interview, Shauny waxes lyrical about his new Cherry Blossom collection for Astley Clarke (which, ahem, I also wrote about last month). ‘It is,’ he says, ‘a beautiful collection inspired by one of Japan’s oldest tales. It is believed that the flower is named after a beautiful goddess who sprinkle [sic] seeds from the clouds and [sic] would flourish into dazzling white and crimson flowers. The beauty of this story is captured in the collection.’
Whoah there, Shauny. Enouogh with the flower descriptions (no pun intended). But I must admit, the Cherry Blossom pieces are gorge!
‘What type of woman will be wearing this Cherry Blossom line,’ asks Grazia? ‘Confident, graceful and chic,’ replies Shauny.
Describes me perfectly, I thought.
Oh alright then, but a girl can dream, can’t she?