Daily Archives: 10/10/2009

Live to tweet or tweet to live?

I’ve just come across the most bonkers diet. Well, not a diet as such, but an online food diary kind of thing. You sign up to a website called tweetwhatyoueat.com, and every time you eat or drink something, you log it via your twitter account, either via your computer or mobile – and it all ends up on the TWYE website. Even better, you can enter the calories of what you eat (if you know what they are), or else the website’s calorie database will fill in the calorie value for you.
And while your eat tweets don’t actually appear on your twitter page (come on, nobody’s that boring!), you can still snoop around lots of other people’s food diaries on the TWYE website. Stephen Fry has apparently lost six stone in six months, and he’s tweeting what he eats. And they say he’s not the only celeb who’s using the TWYE service (though I haven’t come across any obvious celeb food diaries just yet).
Call me old-fashioned, but I can’t say I’d want to share every morsel that passed my lips with the rest of the online community. But do check out the TWYE website because it makes for positively hilarious reading. When I took a look just now, a tweeter called Penny Buckwell had partaken of the following in the space of just nine minutes (or at least, that’s what it looked like):
Salad, ham, cheese, two pieces of toast with choc spread, a packet of crisps, two slices of pizza and a glug of Udo’s Oil (an omega fatty acid nutritional supplement – hah, now she’s showing off). Total calories 1149.
Way to go, Penny.
Makes my day’s scoffing so far seem positively saintly.