Daily Archives: 06/10/2009

Puppy love

Well then, animal prints are set to be huge (again!) this winter. Tell me something I don’t know. I mean, when was the last time leopardskin or zebraskin wasn’t in every fashion shop in existence? Personally I don’t like it, makes you look like you’ve got a horrible rash or skin disease (at least, in the case of some leopardskin-print items I’ve seen – I mean, leopardskin-print leggings, it’s just not right).
But no, this year we’re not just going to be treated to the usual animal skin prints (and without getting my animal-rights head on here, I truly believe they look better on their original owners…). This year, we’re also going to be buying clothes with prints of whole animals on them. Leopards, tigers, bears, squirrels, whales or whatever. Take a look at this eagle-print jumper from Dotty P, yours for a mere £35.
Doesn’t matter how cheap it is, you won’t catch me in one. The whole thing smacks of snowmen and cartoon character jumpers, if you ask me. But it got me thinking. So here for your delectation is a little gem – not an animal on a jumper but an animal in a jumper. Pictured below is my own little rascal, Buddy Love, posing his heart out in a neighbour’s doggy-coat design.

Buddy Love in jumper

Let me tell you a bit about Buddy Love. He’s just over two years old, and a cross between a chihuahua and a teacup pomeranian (they call the cross breed a ‘pomchi’… no, seriously, Sandra Bullock has one!). He’s teeny, as you can probably tell. But from the day we brought him home (he was eight weeks old, and half the size of our cat then), he immediately took over and confirmed his status as boss of all of us.
On the day this photo was taken, he was quite obliging, because he really doesn’t like wearing doggy clothes (no, he’s not one of those simpering Paris Hilton-type pooches, he’s a real rough-and-tumble dog, despite his size).
So there you have it. One of many tales of Buddy Love that I’ll be boring you stiff with (especially when I can’t be bothered to find anything more interesting to blather on about…).