Daily Archives: 05/10/2009

The return of the corset

When Madonna first wore that pointy-boobed corset during her 1993 Blond Ambition tour, little did she probably realise that she cemented the image in most of our minds (yes, girls too!) forever. The conical-bra corset was, of course, designed by France’s own national treasure, Jean-Paul Gaultier, whose name – thanks, largely, to Madonna – will go down in history linked to, er, pointy boobs.
And now the ‘rocket-cone bra’ corset is back. JPG himself has put them back on the catwalk during his Paris Fashion Week show, where he revealed his spring/summer 2010 collection. Here’s a snap of said corset, as featured in today’s Telegraph (it also features a reminder of what Madonna looked like in hers back in the day). Hmm, the last thing that model needs is a corset, mind you (sorry chuck, nothing personal you understand). For a more detailed look at what JPG’s show revealed, check out the Grazia Daily website.
The return of the corset just confirms that the fashion industry’s affair with the bondage/fetish look is still going strong (gladiator sandals – oh puurlease, all those leather straps and buckles, more like dominatrix than gladiator… and as for ‘bandage’ dresses, well I rest my case).
But will we be back in corsets – pointy boobed or not – by next spring? Ah, only time (and ongoing waist expansion) will tell.