Daily Archives: 04/10/2009

A little bit of a legend

Ah, to have the dosh to buy designer labels… Well actually more of us can afford them these days, with a growing list of fashion heavyweights producing high-street-priced ranges for high-street stores (Jil Sander for Uniqlo and Christopher Kane for Top Shop being two of the most recent). And not bad they are too, if you feel the need to buy into all that designer label stuff.
Me, I’m still waiting for Vivienne Westwood to hook up with a shopping-centre big name. But then she is busy trying to save the environment at the moment (well, somebody’s got to do it). So until we get a VW range at New Look or H&M (or, knowing Vivienne, she’ll probably go for an outlet like George at Asda or Tesco… she’s still a punkette at heart after all), we’ll all have to satisfy ourselves with her rather fabulous jewellery which, if you go for the silver range, is surprisingly affordable. Check out her lovely shiny things on my-wardrobe.com.
Alternatively, you can get some delicious Vivienne Westwood shoes for less than £100 (okay, they are the rubber ones – but nonetheless still worth lusting after). Here they are on asos.com. The peep-toe sling-backs with the big hearts are particularly fabulous, in my opinion (though I also have a hankering for the three-strap flats).
Nice to know you don’t always have to be filthy rich to own a little bit of a living legend, eh?