Daily Archives: 02/10/2009

To tan or not to tan…

That indeed is the question. The issue of skin colouring has been on my mind this last day or two, since I read that the Welsh Assembly has proposed a ban on sunbeds for the under 18s (wait a minute, why just the young ‘uns, boyos?). And now that the real sun’s rays are getting weaker (though you wouldn’t believe it here in Brighton, I saw a sunbather on the beach in a bikini just TWO days ago…), many people will be reaching for the bottle. The fake tan bottle, that is.
Now I gave up hope of ever having even the most delicately sun-kissed skin some years ago (I’m an SPF45 girl, even on a cloudy day in summer and fake tan just doesn’t work on me… it just looks so, well, fake). But admittedly, bottle tanning is big business. So before you take the plunge and go hog wild with the St Tropez, check out this link to the worst celebrity fake tans on the Entertainment Wise website.
There are some real shockers there, with Jordan (is she Jordan again now, or still Katie Price, I can’t keep up?), Lindsay Lohan, Christine Aguilera and Jessica Simpson competing for the Most Highly Tango’d crown. Some, on the other hand, don’t look too bad. You be the judge.
All I’m saying here is perhaps it’s time we all accepted our pastiness (well, the naturally pasty among us, that is). Embrace that deathly-white glow. And if you are lucky enough to have olive, brown or black skin, just think – the old ‘to tan or not tan’ issue is one less thing you have to worry about.