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Diamonds (or the next best thing)

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so the song says. Well, especially when they’re the Hope diamond… Feast your eyes on this baby, via Vogue’s website.
The Hope diamond is a mammoth 45.52 carat blue diamond that was donated to America’s famous Smithsonian museum by posh jeweller Harry Winston. Why’s it in the news now? Well it’s coming up to 50 years since Harry gave it away and to celebrate he’s apparently going to re-set it into a new design. Hmm, I don’t think I’d like that job, imagine what would happen if you dropped it?
Much more accessible – and, if you ask me, equally stunning – is my Rok Chix Giant clear quartz crystal nugget and silver ring (or, if you like the look of the blue diamond, my Rok Chix Aqua chalcedony ring). And you won’t have to break into the Smithsonian to get your hands on them, either…

Hell for leather

Celebrities, they’re all at it, apparently. Wearing leather jackets, that is (a sign the season has changed, for sure). Let’s face it, biker chic just never goes out of style and is de rigeur for rock chicks everywhere.
Check out the snaps of celebs wearing their leathers on the Marie Claire website
I particularly like Pixie Geldof’s grungy style (there again, like her mum, she looks fabulous in just about anything). There are some pretty awful looks in there too, if you can be bothered to scroll through the 25 or so celebrity pics (Victoria Beckham, I’m talking about you, what were you thinking?).
Of course there are two ways you can go with leather jackets in terms of jewellery accessorising. A rough, battered, biker-style jacket looks equally good with heavy silver chains or dainty little jewels. But one thing you really must have to complete the look is a chunky ring – preferably silver with a black-as-night gemstone. Like my faceted black agate and silver ring (below), for example.

All hail the master of Russian bling

September 9th 2009 (09.09.09 no less) was a big day for fans of sparkly things.
It was the day when the fabulous Fabergé was relaunched. Carl Fabergé was the legendary Russian jeweller who was goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court, and is best remembered for his magnificent, bejewelled, precious eggs (no relation to the Cadbury’s Creme variety, sorry).
Two days ago, the Fabergé brand was relaunched, and the mother of all sparkly things website went live. Double hurrah.
If you like ornate jewellery with lots of sparkles and twinkly little gems, feast your eyes – though the website itself may irritate the hell out of you as you have to sit through endless animations (very pretty but annoyingly slow) before you get to the good stuff. The jewellery. Fabulous is too weak a word to describe it. I almost ruined my keyboard by drooling all over it…
If you don’t have time to wait around for lots of lovely line drawings and paper peeling, there are a couple of examples on this Grazia Daily page for you to gaze lovingly upon (but if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to see the whole collection).

The workmanship that goes into these amazing creation is breathtaking – take it from me. For my own gem-laden creations, however, I prefer a simpler, dare I say more wearable approach (and one that won’t set you back £26,000 either, which is the least you can expect to spend on a Fabergé piece…). Probably one of my most bejewelled designs is the Rok Chix Starburst necklace (below).


Can’t wait for SATC Movie 2

Well if the photos from the set of the second Sex And The City movie are anything to go by, it’ll be a lot more fun than the first big-screen outing for our girls (too much weeping and wailing for my liking). Apparently the movie has flashbacks to the 80s, when the fabulous foursome first met – cue Charlotte with a fringe (yes, really, and not a good one at that), Miranda with a Purdey pudding-bowl haircut (hilarious, truly) and Samantha… well Samantha is a glorious rock chick. I approve (naturally).
Carrie, on the other hand, is doing her best Madonna ‘Like A Virgin’ impression, complete with ra-ra skirt, corset, lacy leggings and heaps of jewellery. Could this signal a comeback for the crucifix as fashion statement (hands up if you remember them)?
Check out photos of the girls in full 80s fashion faux pas on the Marie Claire website.
Meanwhile, here are a couple of Rok Chix baubles that you might like to match your fingerless lacy gloves and leg warmers…

Amethyst and large silver cross necklace

 Large silver cross on long haematite bead necklace

When winter looks this good, I say bring it on…

We may be having a mini September heatwave (at least we are here in Brighton), but personally I can’t wait to ditch my flimsy summer wardrobe – especially after having seen some of the fabulous winter fashions on offer.
Check out this gorge Deep Purple Neck Tie Coat from none other than Miss Selfridge. Yum.
And you know what’s going to look amazing with it? My Rok Chix Amethyst Stud Earrings (below), which are part of my collection for (if you haven’t discovered this cool shopping site yet, take a long look…).

Welcome back, Glam Rock – we never stopped loving you!

According to the fashion mags, Glam Rock is set to be a major trend this autumn. Hurrah.
So dig out your oversized t-shirts, complete with sequinned logos, and layer over last year’s leggings (well, there is a recession out there you know). Add killer heels for that extra glam touch
Skulls will be back in force, I hear, so expect lots of gothic-inspired jewellery (again, hurrah).
My Silver Skull Stud earrings (below) are just perfect if you want to buy into this trend – but don’t want to look like a complete fashion victim (it’s a fine line, eh?). 

Rok on, as they say…

Sparkles on film

I’ve never really been a fan of those ’10 best’ list things that people seem to love to compile, so when confronted recently with the task of coming up with my 10 best films I just shivered with dread…
Then I started playing with the idea of movies with a connection (some rather tenuous, to say the least) with my favourite subject – and, to my amazement, it was actually quite fun. So here’s my top 10 (don’t all groan at once)
1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
2. Girl With a Pearl Earring
3. The Emerald Forest
4. Diamonds Are Forever
5. Romancing the Stone
6. The Rock
7. Goldfinger
8. Ruby Gentry
9. Jewel of the Nile
10. Silverado

Summer is so over

Yesterday, for me, was the traditional end of the summer – August bank holiday Monday has always, in my eyes, signalled the onset of cooler weather and lots of dead leaves to jump up and down in (my dog, Buddy Love, adores autumn for that very reason).
It’s always been a date to dread: as a child, August bank holiday Monday means going back to school after six weeks of blissful summer freedom; while as an adult working for a living, it means no more long bank holiday weekends until Christmas. Yes, Christmas (I know, perish the thought, but it will be here before we know it).
But now I positively look forward to the change of season. It’s time to put away all those pale, sunnyjewels – the aquamarines and turquoises, citrines, rose quartzes – that so embody the spirit of summer, and time to dig up the rich, autumn gems. I’m thinking labradorites, garnets, smoky quartzes and black onyx, even the odd ruby, emerald or sapphire (for those lucky enough to have them). Suddenly, the gradual creeping along of winter doesn’t seem so bad. Fingers crossed we don’t get an Indian summer then…