Daily Archives: 30/09/2009

The Drew Barrymore Appreciation Society

What is it about Drew Barrymore? I just love the girl, can’t get enough of her (not in a lady-love kind of way, don’t be silly). Some of my favourite films are Drew Barrymore movies. Let’s see…

My top 10 Drew movies (partly compiled in relation to number of viewings)

1. The Wedding Singer

2. Never Been Kissed

3. 50 First Dates

4. ET

5. Donnie Darko

6. Ever After

7. Scream (the first one)

8. He’s Just Not That Into You

9. Charlie’s Angels (original and sequel get equal ranking)

10. Home Fries (did anyone else ever see that one?)

There’s just something about Drew – she’s got that girl-next-door ease with a dollop of quirkiness and just the right amount of glamour. She always looks fabulous (despite what the fashion mags sometimes rather unkindly say). And I love the way she has never got too skinny – she totally owns her curves and hasn’t ever given them up for some dozy film role.
I dunno, but she seems lovely and straightforward, not at all snooty or unavailable, which is amazing really, considering the way she grew up.
Drew, if you ever fancy a Rok Chix bauble or two, just give me a shout.
(Meanwhile, here she is looking amazing in a tight leather dress on the Grazia website…)