Daily Archives: 22/09/2009

How green is my nail polish?

Apparently we’ll all be doing it this winter – going green, that is. Well, our nails will be at least. Celebs are already reportedly fighting each other for a position near the top of the waiting list for Chanel’s limited-edition Jade nail varnish (which means it’s highly unlikely any of the rest of us will get even a daub of it).
Lily Allen, for one, has been snapped wearing it. And I must say, though the idea of green nail varnish doesn’t exactly get my juices flowing, it did look rather good. Perhaps that’s because I have a huge passion for green jade (jade, incase you didn’t know, comes in lots of different colours, the most precious of which is a gorgeous green variety called Imperial jade – very rare now, hard to get hold of, and even if you did manage to track some down you’d have to mortgage your house to pay for it).
Anyway, back to nail polish. It may well be satisfying to wear the Chanel shade, but for a paltry £2.95 you can get your hands on Barry M’s rather lovely Mint Green nail polish. Not that I can wear nail polish mind you, making jewellery – with all the sanding and filing that entails – is death for well-groomed nails.
So instead I’ll be wearing my Silver Beaten Hoops with Uncut Apatite Nugget earrings (okay, okay, they’re not jade, but they’re a to-die-for shade of electric blue-green…). I’m not sure Coco would have approved, with them not being pearls and all that, but what the hell…