Ice cream, you scream

Sick to death of fashion week already? Me too. If I read another show report by some gushing celebrity or have to look at any more pictures of who’s got seats in the front row, I’ll go insane. And it’s only day four.
So naturally my thoughts have turned to food (preferably the most fattening type of food, sort of anti-fashion food). And I know it’s not quite the right time of year for it, but I have a hankering for an ice cream. Not just any old ice cream, mind you, but an ice cream made by a renegade bunch called The Icecreamists. If you can get down to Selfridges in London before November 1st, you can sample their subversive chilled desserts and bonkers cocktails yourself.
The Chocolate Volcano sounds right up my street: ‘… our eye-wateringly calorific ‘Diet Destroyer’. This promiscuous little number has led to one-night stands, life-long romances, affairs and even marriage proposals. So breathtakingly outrageous and immoral, it could be banned by the Obscenity Laws. Submit to X-rated molten Belgian chocolate sauce poured onto a mountain of Ecuadorean Dark Chocolate Ice Cream and served with fresh seasonal fruit.’ Heaven. Or how about a Champagne Ice Lolly, ‘the most decadent ice lolly on earth’?
Beats a bunch of lanky models wearing clothes no one I know can afford anyway any day.