Studs a go-go

It’s all eyes on TopShop today, as the fash mag girls get in a right old lather over the store’s new designer collection from Christopher Kane (though hang on, there is something else happening… oh yes, it’s the start of London Fashion Week!).
The new emperor of British design talent, Christopher has come up with a pretty nifty collection with lots of black, lots of metal studs (punctures, I think they call them these days) and even some gem-type studs too. We like.
Reminds me of the days when I used to add my own studs to shoes, boots, leather and denim jackets. I would buy the metal studs from a shop in Camden Market (don’t know if it’s still there any more, it was just by the bridge at Camden Lock). Anyway, you bought the individual studs (they came in various sizes, mostly round spiky and square spiky), then you’d have to make holes in whatever you were adding them to, so you could poke the back part of the stud through. Of course, the bit that went through always rubbed on your skin/clothes underneath. But what’s a bit of chafing in the name of fashion, eh? Actually it wasn’t really fashion back then. It was subversion.
I still regret giving my self-cutomised studded leather jacket (real biker style) to an American friend, who thought it was pretty cool. Well it was. A mass of studs on the collar and all down the back. Fab.
Christopher Kane, eat your heart out.