Culture vulture

Now that the nights are drawing in and there’s a distinct ‘bite’ in the air, spending hours at the beach (sorry, don’t want to make you jealous or anything) is becoming increasingly less attractive. Time to look for more indoor pursuits, preferably those that aren’t going to cost a fortune (and, er, for all you singles out there, those that don’t have to involve a partner…).
If you’re a slave to fashion and jewellery, you could do worse than indulging your passion at the same time as gaining a few culture credits. Thanks to an article in The Times on legendary fashion photographer Nick Knight, I was reminded that there are some amazing museums around the country that house fashion-inspired exhibits (scroll down to the end of the article for Ten Fashion Collections to Die For). One is even in my home town of Brighton. Hurrah!
It also reminded me there’s another great reason to visit Bath – check out this enlightening exhibition at the Fashion Museum featuring the designs of legendary 70s fashion meister, Bill Gibb. Out of this world just doesn’t come close.
Other museums to glean some inspiration from include the totally amazing V&A, home to a truly fantastic jewellery collection (one that has bedazzled yours truly over the years), the Museum of London, and, for all of you north of Watford, Hat Works (a hat museum, duh) in Stockport and the National Museum of Costume in Dumfries.
Now that should keep you busy.