Swap shop

Move over Noel Edmonds, there’s a new kind of swap shop in town. Well it’s not that new – clothes swapping parties (or ‘swishing’ parties, as the fashion mags like to call them) have been around since everyone started having less cash (well, this recession around, at least). There are clothes swapping websites, where you can get rid of your old tat and pick up someone else’s, and some enterprising nightclub promoters have even held swishing clubs.
But now, the swish has gone national, or rather gone on the road.
The Big Swish is billed as the UK’s first clothes swapping roadshow. They’re promising designers, stylists, models, make-overs, skin analysis… even burlesque performances (if that’s your kind of thing). 

One thing puts me off though, and that’s one of the raffle prizes (each £5 entry ticket is automatically entered): a signed pair of skinny jeans worn by Russell Brand. Euuuwwww!
Still, it might satisfying your cravings for ‘new’ clothes, shoes and accessories until your next paycheck – and it could give you that smug, I’m-helping-the-environment glow.
The roadshow goes around the UK – tomorrow the first swish is in Leeds (they’re not coming to my home town, Brighton, though…. grrrr!).