Daily Archives: 15/09/2009

In praise of ugly shoes…

Like most women I’m addicted to shoes (but not quite as much as I’m addicted to jewellery). But I’m not really your Jimmy Choo, Gina or Manolo kind of girl. I’m an ugly shoe addict. The clumpier the better. Well I can’t do heels – having such teeny feet makes me fall over when I wear them (have you seen the size of most models’ feet? I rest my case).
I’ve even read Camilla Morton’s book ‘How to Walk in High Heels’ but still can’t manage anything higher than ballet flats.
Then I saw something that threw my mind into total confusion. A pair of shoes so ugly, even I couldn’t wear them. They’re called studded fan shoes. And they’re by Prada. Here they are on a Times Picture Gallery of grungy accessories.
The more I look at them, the more I can’t decide whether I love or loathe them. But then the £1,020 price tag (not to mention the mega tall heels) means I won’t be splashing out on a pair, at least not during this lifetime.
It’s back to the Birkenstocks then, I’m afraid…