Daily Archives: 14/09/2009

Diamonds (or the next best thing)

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so the song says. Well, especially when they’re the Hope diamond… Feast your eyes on this baby, via Vogue’s website.
The Hope diamond is a mammoth 45.52 carat blue diamond that was donated to America’s famous Smithsonian museum by posh jeweller Harry Winston. Why’s it in the news now? Well it’s coming up to 50 years since Harry gave it away and to celebrate he’s apparently going to re-set it into a new design. Hmm, I don’t think I’d like that job, imagine what would happen if you dropped it?
Much more accessible – and, if you ask me, equally stunning – is my Rok Chix Giant clear quartz crystal nugget and silver ring (or, if you like the look of the blue diamond, my Rok Chix Aqua chalcedony ring). And you won’t have to break into the Smithsonian to get your hands on them, either…