Daily Archives: 12/09/2009

Hell for leather

Celebrities, they’re all at it, apparently. Wearing leather jackets, that is (a sign the season has changed, for sure). Let’s face it, biker chic just never goes out of style and is de rigeur for rock chicks everywhere.
Check out the snaps of celebs wearing their leathers on the Marie Claire website
I particularly like Pixie Geldof’s grungy style (there again, like her mum, she looks fabulous in just about anything). There are some pretty awful looks in there too, if you can be bothered to scroll through the 25 or so celebrity pics (Victoria Beckham, I’m talking about you, what were you thinking?).
Of course there are two ways you can go with leather jackets in terms of jewellery accessorising. A rough, battered, biker-style jacket looks equally good with heavy silver chains or dainty little jewels. But one thing you really must have to complete the look is a chunky ring – preferably silver with a black-as-night gemstone. Like my faceted black agate and silver ring (below), for example.