Daily Archives: 11/09/2009

All hail the master of Russian bling

September 9th 2009 (09.09.09 no less) was a big day for fans of sparkly things.
It was the day when the fabulous Fabergé was relaunched. Carl Fabergé was the legendary Russian jeweller who was goldsmith to the Russian Imperial Court, and is best remembered for his magnificent, bejewelled, precious eggs (no relation to the Cadbury’s Creme variety, sorry).
Two days ago, the Fabergé brand was relaunched, and the mother of all sparkly things website went live. Double hurrah.
If you like ornate jewellery with lots of sparkles and twinkly little gems, feast your eyes – though the website itself may irritate the hell out of you as you have to sit through endless animations (very pretty but annoyingly slow) before you get to the good stuff. The jewellery. Fabulous is too weak a word to describe it. I almost ruined my keyboard by drooling all over it…
If you don’t have time to wait around for lots of lovely line drawings and paper peeling, there are a couple of examples on this Grazia Daily page for you to gaze lovingly upon (but if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to see the whole collection).

The workmanship that goes into these amazing creation is breathtaking – take it from me. For my own gem-laden creations, however, I prefer a simpler, dare I say more wearable approach (and one that won’t set you back £26,000 either, which is the least you can expect to spend on a Fabergé piece…). Probably one of my most bejewelled designs is the Rok Chix Starburst necklace (below).