Daily Archives: 10/09/2009

Can’t wait for SATC Movie 2

Well if the photos from the set of the second Sex And The City movie are anything to go by, it’ll be a lot more fun than the first big-screen outing for our girls (too much weeping and wailing for my liking). Apparently the movie has flashbacks to the 80s, when the fabulous foursome first met – cue Charlotte with a fringe (yes, really, and not a good one at that), Miranda with a Purdey pudding-bowl haircut (hilarious, truly) and Samantha… well Samantha is a glorious rock chick. I approve (naturally).
Carrie, on the other hand, is doing her best Madonna ‘Like A Virgin’ impression, complete with ra-ra skirt, corset, lacy leggings and heaps of jewellery. Could this signal a comeback for the crucifix as fashion statement (hands up if you remember them)?
Check out photos of the girls in full 80s fashion faux pas on the Marie Claire website.
Meanwhile, here are a couple of Rok Chix baubles that you might like to match your fingerless lacy gloves and leg warmers…

Amethyst and large silver cross necklace

 Large silver cross on long haematite bead necklace